3 Essential & Simple Vagina Muscle Exercises


The vast majority of women want to make their vagina tighter for a variety of reasons. But, how does it really work?

Some want more enjoyable penetrative sex, while others have given birth or are suffering from medical conditions that are triggered by loose vaginal muscles. Whatever the reason may be, strengthening the vagina should top the list of every woman’s priorities. If you are sick and tired of the loose sensation you get during sex, a tight vag will make your sex life incredible. In addition to this, you will have a healthy vagina for many years to come.

Reconstructive and tightening surgery can be a good choice but costs large amounts of money, so the best way to strengthen a loose vagina is by performing natural vaginal work outs. These exercises work by strengthening the walls of the vaginal lips with a series of hold and release methodologies. When these routines are complete, majority of women say that their self-confidence spikes through the roof. This is because they feel ten years younger: tight, strong, firm and not saggy.

Having consistency with these vaginal fitness exercises is a huge thing especially if paired up with the right diet. Most people tend to overlook the effectiveness of both and just lean towards the easier route which is getting a surgical procedure instead. It can work as well but it won’t be as permanent and as satisfying as going the more natural route. So, it’s time find the right diet and go on with these exercises that we have listed below to improve your overall tightness. Not only does it work on your private areas but throughout your whole body as well. Time to go through them all!

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The Top 3 Vagina Workouts

Thousands of women are looking for natural ways to tighten their vaginas, most of them do not know that the answer to their problems is right in front of their noses. Doing these exercises consistently will help your vaginal muscles in ways that only proper workouts can. These are very powerful methods in getting your body in the right shape and form. The reason why these exercises were created is because the muscles groups that we are trying to target can be a little too difficult to reach through regular exercises in the gym or at home. So, by specifically targeting them through these workouts can help a great deal in getting your body back to the way it was when you were in your twenties.

Below are the different types of workouts that you can do at home or in the gym:

1. Kegels

An effective practice to make your vag tighter is by engaging in regular strengthening exercises which are commonly known as kegels. The best part about this method is that it can be done anywhere without the world even noticing about it. These exercises target the kegel muscles which supports your pelvic floor and forms the base of the vagina. By performing kegels, you won’t just be strengthening your PC’s, but you would also be strengthening other muscles that are found on the PC floor.

As well as helping to strengthen up your loose vagina, Kegels help to prevent conditions such as incontinence which results when the muscles that support the urethra weaken. When doing kegels, you need to first locate which muscles you are targeting. When you have to urinate and you tighten the muscle in to grasp urine, those are the PC muscles. They are the ones you want to work on.

These are definitely one of the best exercises to make your vagina tighter. Now, let’s get into the process.

How to perform kegels:

  1. Contract: In order to perform a kegel, slowly tighten your vaginal muscles as hard as you possibly can.
  2. Release: Hold your muscles for a couple of seconds, and then relax.
  3. Improve: Start slowly and try to build your kegel regime gradually so you don’t harm yourself and so you can slowly build-up the elasticity in due course.
  4. Repetitions: Start by doing about 10 per day and then you can get used to 50 or 100 plus.
  5. Safety: Ensure that you are performing them appropriately so you can start the tightening procedure.

Using kegel or Ben-Wa balls

Ever heard of them? No? Well, let’s talk about it. Kegel or Ben-Wa balls are simple tools that look like beads or eggs that you insert your vagina in order to work out muscles that you do not normally able to focus on. These products are able to simulate what the normal exercises do and it makes the whole process that much more effective.

2. Squats

woman-squatting-excerciseThe squat is quite an unpopular move particularly when performed in its full motion. It’s the only existing movement which is associated with our ancestors. The early man used to do all their functions in this pose. Believe it or not, squatting is one of the best exercises to tighten your vag. This is also a great workout for all kinds of stuff including for your bum, core, and legs. For positive results, it is recommended to do this exercise on a regular basis rather than once per week for a few hours.

To perform squats safely and correctly, simply hold a light bar in your hands and then place it just above and at the front of your shoulders. Using your hips, pretend you’re going to sit on the chair with your knees bent. Make sure that your thighs are about parallel with the floor, and then slowly bring yourself back-up into your standing position. Squats are not to be done very quickly. To get the best results take it slowly and controlled. The primary reason you need to keep the mass on your heels is because it reduces the possibility of injuries.

While squats are among the most effective vagina muscle exercises, you have to know how to perform them correctly. They are the main cause of most serious injuries and have to be performed with extreme caution to avoid injuries. In case you have doubts about performing squats properly, it helps to seek the help of a trainer. A trainer will show you how to perform squats in a safe and effective manner.

3. Vaginal Props

During the delivery of the baby, the pelvic floor has to over stretch, during which, the area may get weakened. As a result, the muscles in this area don’t perform in the correct manner, and then you can suffer from stress incontinence and less sensation during intercourse. Sometimes Kegels and squats may not be enough to tighten the pelvic floor. If this is the case for you, try using vaginal props. This is your most pricey option, but most equipment is made of steel, so they are durable.

Usually, these props bulge around the middle, which enables you to strengthen the muscles around your vagina repeatedly, making them stronger over time. While they are less popular, props can aid in making you tighter. They are available in cones, balls and barbells. Essentially, whatever the shape, they come in many different weights and widths. Insert the props into the opening of your vagina and tighten around it. In due course, shift to the heavier and smaller props as the muscles grow stronger and become more firm.

The effect of these exercises won’t be seen immediately when you start using them. It usually takes anywhere between 10-20 days before you can start to notice a difference. If you’re looking for a faster solution, consider a topical tightening gel.  However, sooner rather than later, you will start to enjoy sex as before and your partner will observe a difference too. Most importantly, you will regain your lost confidence and you will also begin to experience powerful and stronger orgasms once again. These are exactly what you need so as to increase your confidence, improve your love life and enjoy sex.

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These natural exercises are simple to do at home and anywhere that you wish. They might be challenging at first but once your muscles have gotten used to the sensation of working out in those specific areas then it will become much easier in the long run, it can be quite fun as well as you start seeing the results that you have always wanted. Many women have given up trying to do this because of the lack of motivation and maybe the challenge of starting a new habit but more women than that have actually stuck with it and have attained an overall better body.

Now that you have found the finest ways to tighten your vagina, take action today. Doing so will not just make your sex life electric, but you’ll be strengthening your marriage for many years to come. Also, your orgasms will be exponentially powerful, stronger, and far more satisfying.