Vulvodynia: Is a ‘Depressed’ Vagina The Reason You Find Sex Painful?

A lot of people will tell you that even when sex is bad, it is still good. But there are those instances when it is not just bad, but it is just downright painful. This is a condition that a lot of women seem to suffer from and it is called Vulvodynia. Studies show that one in every six women is likely to experience this chronic pain in their vulva at some point. This can be a condition that can be quite emotionally debilitating which is why a deeper look into what it is and what causes it is indeed essential.

sad woman

Vulvodynia is a condition was a woman has this unexplained discomfort or pain around the vulva area. It is usually one that will strike around the ages 18 to 25 though it can affect women of all ages too, and in most cases, can last for three months or even more.

Many women that have experienced it described it to be very painful. Most have described feeling a burning sensation in the vulva. There is also a stinging pain, and that is despite the vulva area not showing any signs of infection or any skin condition at all. Sex and even just the slightest touch can cause a pain surge, even just doing something such as changing a tampon can be so painful. For women that suffer from such a condition in the long term, this would often mean that sex will have to be permanently off the table.

Signs To Be Aware Of:

Somebody who is suffering from the condition will notice a persistent pain around the vaginal area. The curious thing about it is that the vulva which is the skin surrounding it, will just appear normal. Unlike those STIs where there will likely be swelling and sores or lumps, this condition does to sow any physical signs at all.

There is different kinds of pains that a woman will experience as a result of the condition.

  • It can be limited to just part of the vulva such as in the care of the opening of the vagina.
  • It can be a stinging, sore, or burning sensation.
  • It can be made worse when the woman is sitting down.
  • It is constantly there too and to never fades. It is always just in the background.
  • It is usually triggered by touch such as during those times you are putting a tampon on or during sexual intercourse.
  • There are those that suffer a more widespread pain too such as those affecting the thigh areas and even the buttocks.

The discomfort can come and then go without any warning too. There are those that experience the pain quickly and then feel it go away soon too. A lot of doctors that it is often a condition that is a little hard to diagnose because there are usually many other conditions that may cause vulvar pain.

Complications Resulting From The Condition


One of the most common issues that a woman who suffers from such a condition has to deal with often has something to do with her relationships. Considering how sex is going to be painful, it can truly strain the relationship between couples. There are studies that show women who suffer from the condition can still experience a healthy pregnancy. In fact, there are those that experience a decrease in the pain levels while being pregnant. Most of the time though, they have to opt for a Caesarean delivery.

Causes And Diagnosis:

Some reasons may cause pain in the vulva. For instance, there are neurological problems, infections, and even inflammatory conditions. It may also be due to neoplasm such as the squamous cell carcinoma.

It should be noted that it could be related to any underlying condition. In fact, its actual cause is unknown. It is not also caused by a disease that is sexually transmitted. It is not caused by a skin disease, an infection, or cancer as well. But some factors will likely increase the risks of a woman experiencing the condition.

  • Genetics can play a role.
  • The high-density presence of pain sensing fiber of nerve around the vulva.
  • Irritation or damage to the nerves found in the vulvar region.
  • Instability of the pelvic muscles or those instances when they are weak.
  • Hormonal changes can trigger the condition.
  • Other factors that might increase a woman’s susceptibility to the disease such as rashes on the genitals, chemical irritation along the external genitalia, STIs, yeast infections that happen too frequently, surgery on the external genitalia, and muscle spasms, injury and nerve irritation along the pelvic area.

doctor and woman

There are some ways on how the condition can be diagnosed. There is usually a pelvic exam to check for any changes in the skin as well as to get the pain assessed.

Cotton swab tests are also done to make sure that the areas where the pain is felt can be delineated. It is also a way for the doctor to categorize how severe the pain is. The swab is often pressed in different areas too while asking the patient for the pain level to be rated.

The tests are also carried out to make sure that other possible causes for the pain will be eliminated such as blood testing to assess the progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone. The physician may also need to do a culture for yeast and bacteria. A biopsy may also be recommended by the doctor too.

How to Treat it:

The treatment of the condition is designed to alleviate its symptoms. Considering how the cause is often unknown, it is usually hard to pinpoint an actual solution, and this would mean that there are more trial and error involved. It is important to lay off any irritants though such as soaps and perfumes. Changing menstrual products may help as well such as going for cotton-based ones instead of those made from synthetic. Some have also found that fresh gel pack can offer short-term and immediate relief. Also, anticonvulsants, SNRIs, as well as antidepressants may be used to treat the problem too.

The Best Lubes For Your Vagina – Tips for Women

Perhaps every woman who cares about her health and fitness would find this piece about the best lube for the vagina helpful. It can help you in identifying which one out of the many out there is best for your body or why it might be necessary for you to use it. To cut the crap, it is highly indisputable that you might be in the best position to have the knowledge about your vagina and how capable it is to produce enough lube you will ever need during sex. However, do you also know that not everyone has the same type of privates as you? What pain do you think those without sufficient vagina lube face? They go through miseries such as irritation, pain, lack of confidence in having sex and if care is not taken, they end up developing a phobia for sex – that is Gynophobia. You will baffle at the statistics of women suffering from this and how they are likely to feel about sex at old age.

Now can you see why this article might be of great help to the womanhood? Can you see why you should understand the need for the best vagina lube?

The good news is all the things I’ve mentioned above have a simple solution – a lube. Yes, you heard me right!

When Does Vagina Lubrication Occur in Women?

First, lubrication most of the time occurs in women during sexual activities which come about as a result of sexual excitement and arousal. The amount of lubricant produced during this time differs from women to women. In some women, there might be a reduction in this amount due to either breastfeeding or post menopause and perimenopause. At times, it could also be as a result of dehydration or inability to become fully aroused during sex.

To get lube, you can walk into any drugstore in your area or get it online from sex-related websites.

Why You May Need it?

There are different reasons for buying lube ranging from having vaginal sex with a partner or during masturbation. Apart from these, it can also be helpful for:

  • For enhancing your sexual arousal by aiding the free flow of blood to the Vulva, and this, in turn, will aid the vagina in producing its own lube.
  • Reducing the pain in the body as a result of friction.
  • Getting better taste during oral sex.
  • The elasticity and softness of the vagina.
  • Enhancing your sexual satisfaction and easy reach of orgasm.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Vagina Lubes

womanNow you’ve fully understood the need for the lube, and you’re curious to get one for yourself. What factors to consider when choosing lube?

There are two crucial factors you need to know to get the best vagina lube. The two things are your health and pleasure.

As regards to your health, consider what is safe for you to use that will not have a side effect on your health. For your pleasure, consider going for what will make your sexual activity more pleasant and lasting longer but will also not leave your body with irritation.


What are the Different Types?

The different types of vagina lube that you can find out there include silicone lubricants, Water-based lubricants, and petroleum or oil-based lubricants. The Water-based is sub-divided into Water-based with Glycerin and Water-based without Glycerin. Each of these types above is not without their pros and cons but what is most important is, whichever one you go for, check the ingredients and make sure it will not cause any damage to you or your partner. In all, be cautious about your safety and health.


I am certain you must have gained one or two things from my article. Now you are good to go ahead and start getting the best vagina lube for your maximum sexual pleasure. But don’t forget to go for the best and make your priority your health and safety.

Thanks for reading my article. To read more about women’s health then you can go here:

What’s Better, Natural Birth or Caesarean Section?

As an expecting mother, you have the power to choose how to deliver a baby. Some women today are opting for Caesarean sections, but there are those who feel that the best and the safest way is to deliver is a natural way, so which one is better, natural or Caesarean sections?

Both options have their risks and advantages, but your ultimate goal as an expectant mother is to deliver a healthy baby before you even think about managing pain. Therefore, in this post, we will try to compare the two delivery methods in terms of what better for you and for the baby to help come up with the right decision.

Let’s Talk About Natural Births

Natural birth involves no medication; a mother listens to her body, from labor, with the cervix dilating and ends with a newborn.

Advantage of natural birth

To the mother

baby in hospitalFrom the psychological viewpoint, women who have undergone through vaginal delivery method get a sense of accomplishment. Also, women who deliver through the natural method are said to have more positive birth experience; they often have that feeling of empowerment that they actively participated in the process, not to mention, your partner can also be involved in the process.

It’s not to say that those who goes through the C-Section won’t, but a sense of accomplishment after delivery can speed up the bonding process. Another advantage is that mother who delivers through vaginal delivery have a shorter recovery time that those who goes for C-section which also means fewer hospital bills.

To the child

Natural birth techniques are not invasive, which means that there are fewer chances of a harming a baby of him or her having health issues such as respiratory diseases, asthma, lactose intolerance and much more associated with C-section.

Disadvantages of Natural Birth

To the mother

There is a risk that the skin and tissue around the vagina will tear or stretch and the fetus move through the canal after a natural birth. If this happens, there will be a lot of health issue like an inability to control urine or Bowel. There are also chances that a woman will experience lingering pain in between the anus and the vagina.

To the baby

If the mother has a long labor or the baby is a little large, then there is a risk of the child being injured during birth, they can have a bruised scalp or may be a fractured collarbone. The baby also faces the risk of oxygen deprivation.


Getting into Caesarean Sections (C-section)

C-section can be planned for medical reasons, but it is also considered elective.

Advantages of C-section

To the mother

The main advantage is that the mother won’t have to endure long hours of labor since C-section can be scheduled when one want to get birth. There is also a decreased risk of Pelvic floor injury and shock caused by loss of blood.

To the baby

If the baby is large or maybe you have twins, C-section may be the best method of delivery. C-section decreases the risks of passing infections such as STD and HIV to the child.

Disadvantages of C-section

familyTo the mother

Just like any major surgery, there are risk and complication that you might expect; this includes heart attack, blood clots, and others. There are also possibilities that you won’t be able to opt vaginal birth in future. Having a C-Sections also means delaying your ability to breastfeed and bonding with the baby.

To the baby

Some baby will experience health problems like respiratory problems, but scientific research has indicated that these risks are small.

So which is a better option? Well, it is all up to you to decide which one works best for you and your child. It all goes with your personal circumstances, but the best place to start when making such a decision is to talk to your doctor.

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A Modern Review of the Karma Sutra: Does it Really Work?

ancient book relationshipsYou may have heard of it as just being about the sex positions. You might have heard about it from your friends who have said, “Hey man, go try out these sex positions from the Karma Sutra. They’re intense.” Whichever way that you have heard about the karma sutra, you may perceive it as being another sex manual to do weird and fun sex positions with your partner.

This is not entirely true.

In this article, we are going to go through what karma sutra is, and whether this ancient text manual does work in any shape or form.

So What is Karma Sutra?

For those who do not understand, Karma Sutra is a way of life. The book is based on how to live a gracious life and the kind of relationships that you have with your wife and your family.

There are topics that are discussed in the book such as family, relationships and the nature of love. This book also addresses the pleasure oriented faculties of human life. This is partly why this book discusses sex because sex is considered to be a major pleasure faculty of life, especially for a male.

That’s great and all, but how do these topics on relationships, family, and faculties fit into how to have better sex with my partner?

Clearly, there are a lot of men who have been too busy finding Karma Sutra porn videos on Porn Hub or You Porn to understand this. Karma Sutra is about living a great life; having sex is part of living a great life.

What people have to understand here is that Karma Sutra teaches you about all aspects of life, not just the ones that are involved in the bedroom. Once you have understood that properly, then you can get to the meanings of the text overall.


What’s Contained in this Book?

sex positions chartHere are the seven sections which are in the book.

  1. General remarks about life e.g. family, relationships, acquisition of knowledge.
  2. Amorous Advances/Sexual Union. This is the chapter that teaches you to make love. Has 64 sex positions.
  3. Acquiring a wife.
  4. Duties and privileges of a wife.
  5. Other men’s lives.
  6. About Courtesans.
  7. Occult Lovers.

What Have other People said about the Book?

two girls reading bookPeople have said that the book’s lessons do work. However, many have said that for the Karma Sutra to work, this requires the man to understand the books teachings such as knowledge of a female partner’s pleasures and how to communicate with women in a certain way. The man has to also understand that the woman will never be satisfied until they give it to them in the form of pleasure, the woman will never be satisfied.

On the other hand, the woman has to understand that this is not a book about submission. This is about receiving pleasure and learning how to have a great relationship with a man and the family.

Final Verdict

The Karma Sutra clearly works. It is a great guide for men and women to have a better relationship with not just each other, but with other people. It requires a lot of understanding of the teachings, but once you understand the teachings, the Karma Sutra comes to life.

What are the Safe Ingredients for Vaginal Tightening Products?

Scientists agree that the elasticity of the vagina can be affected by various elements apart from childbirth, some of which include, too much sex, highly aggressive or rough sex, and poor hygiene just to mention a few.


One of the main issues associated with a loose vagina is fewer feelings or sensations during sexual intercourse. It can also significantly reduce one’s enjoyment and lead to relationship problems. Vaginoplasty has become one of the best ways for women to deal with this issue but it is quite expensive, and there are possible side effects after the surgery. The best alternatives are now tightening creams, pills, and other products.

Safe and dangerous ingredients in vaginal tightening products

In most cases, female renewal gels are made using 100% herbal ingredients. Such products are intended to pose no harm to the user, even when inside the vagina. Some of these herbs include:

  • Aloe Vera
  • Oak Gall extract
  • Korean Ginseng
  • Pueraria Mirifica
  • Witch Hazel

The herbs mentioned above contain properties that facilitate the tightening of the skin. All the extracts are combined with other natural ingredients and made into a usable, portable cream that can be used at home. In most cases, the creams can increase tightening by up to 40%.


witch-hazelSome of the benefits of tightening gels and creams include;

  • You can figuratively turn back time by restoring your elasticity
  • They act as a natural lubricant since women can use it to ease the pain and dryness of their vagina.
  • Tightening Gels and creams offer quick results. In fact, you can feel an instant sensation within 15-minutes, even after the initial application
  • They help to stimulate one’s sexual responses
  • They tend to be flavored in some cases
  • They help to prevent fungal and bacterial infections, which helps with overall health and vaginal hygiene.
  • Improves self-esteem

leavesAdverse effects of vaginal products

The issue of oil-based tightening creams is that they might trap the bacteria leading to all kinds of infections, some of which include yeast vaginitis. Such illnesses tend to cause pain, itching, and discharge. This is quite the opposite of water based lubricants which do not lead to any allergic reactions and cannot trap bacteria. Go to the homepage to learn more:

Some of the dangerous products found in the vagina are:

  • They contain dyes that can potentially cause allergic reactions in the areas applied.
  • They contain preservatives which are often used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Some of the products included in these preservatives are ethyl, methyl, propyl, and butyl, all of which have been approved by the US FDA despite the fact they can lead to rosacea, contact dermatitis and skin irritation.
  • They sometimes contain Propylene Glycol and Glycerin which can result in chronic pain, skin irritation or burning sensation.

It is important to that not all vagina tightening products contain these harmful products. The female sexual organ is quite sensitive and the most vital part of the woman. As a result, taking any risks should be avoided. Make sure you know what you are buying, how it’s used and the possible side effects. This is the best way to ensure your health remains robust.

Best Ways to Get a Woman Excited in Bed

Every woman enjoys sex, but not every woman gets to enjoy the act. This is because not every man knows how to get a woman to the place of pleasure, where she enjoys the act just as much as he does. To get your woman to enjoy sex very much, you need to understand her body and work with it. Women need a great deal of foreplay to be aroused. For a man, he is easily aroused merely by seeing a naked woman. For a woman, the build up is gradual. You have to let her build up the excitement slowly. If you dream of giving a woman orgasm she will forever treasure, here are some tips for you.

woman in bed

You need to stimulate your partner not just physically but mentally and emotionally as well. Unlike many men who get aroused by just a single touch from his partner, women need total stimulation. You can emotionally stimulate your partner by telling her how you feel. Whispering to her your feelings will excite her a lot. Tell her that you want her and tell her that you need her. You can mentally stimulate her by telling her what you are doing or what you plan on doing. Tell her things like ‘I’m going to touch you here and I’m going to caress you there.’ And do these things as you say them even if your statements are in the future tense.

Next is to make her feel you are one with her during the intercourse. Many men fail to do this because they are too focused on getting their own orgasm. Make your partner feel that every movement you make is for the two of you to reach climax. Let her know that every thrust you make is not just for you to feel good but for her to feel the same as well. Ask her from time to time questions like ‘does that feel good?’ or ‘do like that?’ so that you will know how she feels and at the same time make her feel that you care about how she feels.


Another thing that you have to do is spice up your love life. You have to be willing to try new things to keep everything fresh, whether this involves using toys in the bedroom or watching porn. Of course, it is always best to talk to your partner about some of the stuff that you want to try before actually doing it.

beautiful woman

For example, it would not be a good idea to bring home another woman to engage in sexual intercourse with you and her if you have not discussed it beforehand. This is more than likely not the “spice” that you are looking for in your love life. However, if it’s something that you partner is into as well, then it can be a very healthy way to spice up your life.

Knowing how to be good in bed does take time. It is not going to happen overnight. Just remember that most of the time, people like to try something that they have never done before or something that they may view as being “kinky.” This adds to the excitement of your love life and changes things up enough to keep it all fresh.

Can Having a Caesarean Section Help Avoid a Loose Vagina?

C sectionEvery woman wants to be in good health and shape, and this includes her nether regions also. However, time and some events in your life bring out changes in your body that you may not like. Vaginal looseness becomes a problem for many women in their high age. But, even some younger women experience this problem due to varied reasons and the main reason is giving birth. Actually it is not the vagina that loses but it is the pelvic-floor muscles that have faced changes.

Child Birth and Vaginal Looseness

While giving birth your vaginal walls get stretched to extremes that it may take nearly 6 months to heal up fully and go back to its original tightness. However, childbirth alone does not contribute to this problem. Birth, along with other causes may lead to this problem. The ability of the vagina to go back to its original tightness depends mainly on the woman’s age. Women who are in their late teens or early twenties will not have a problem, but those above 30 or 40 will feel it’s hard to get their genitalia back in shape. The reason for this is that, natural aging takes over the woman’s body and in results the vagina as well as the vaginal floor muscles start to sag and loosen.

If you often stretch these body parts too much, it will be a bit difficult for it to recover to its natural form. Women, who have multiple births in a short period of time, may experience a loosening problem. This is because the vagina is stretched over a great deal of time when you are pregnant and with multiple births this can be consistently stretched for years at a time.  If you’re looking to tighten it back after this just check out our homepage at for more information.

The more childbirths a woman has, the higher risk for her for getting loose. A woman’s body as it ages produces less estrogen. Estrogen plays a major role in the regeneration after birth. When estrogen production becomes less, you will have problems like vaginal loosening.


Caesarian Section Delivery

walls that can be tightenedToday, many women choose to go in for C-section procedure because they want to retain the tightness of their vagina. This is because they feel a looseness during intercourse after childbirth. This feeling is not due to the vagina but it is caused by the pelvic floor muscles. The vaginal tightness comes from these muscles that cover around the vaginal canal. During pregnancy, women have to support the weight of the growing baby and this is done by these muscles. After a caesarean delivery the vagina may look the same from the outside, but on the inside the pelvic floor muscles have been stretched like a rubber band for 9 months.

However, some doctors believe that having a caesarian section procedure delivery will help avoid vaginal looseness. They base their belief on studies that show that even after two years of giving birth, some women who have delivered vaginally had significantly lower pelvic floor muscle strength than those who had delivered by C-section. But, the same doctors say caesarian sections can make vaginal intercourse more painful, and there is greater risk of surgical scarring around your uterus and you are more vulnerable to infection.

So, whether a woman gives birth vaginally or by C-section, the strain on the vaginal floor muscles are caused by pregnancy and not the type of delivery.

Is my Vaginal Discharge Normal?

Vaginal discharge is a normal phenomenon for all women who are between puberty and menopause. It is a small amount of fluid that flows through a lady’s vagina, and it takes any old cells with it. Vaginal discharge is paramount for the women because it helps to clean the vagina. It also helps to keep the vagina lubricated and free from different types of infections. When the discharge is irregular, however, it can be a sign of a problem.

female reproductive system

The normal vaginal discharge is supposed to be milky white or clear fluid, and it should not have a bad smell. During specific times in the menstrual cycle or when a woman is breastfeeding, the fluid appears to be thick. When a woman is sexually aroused, the vaginal discharge changes too. The thickness of the discharge varies from one person to the other.

What things can change the vaginal discharge?

Several things can change the normal vaginal discharge. Doctors say that anything that changes a woman’s hormones or the menstrual cycle can also affect the vaginal discharge. When a woman is pregnant, stressed, breastfeeding, taking birth control pills or ovulating, the discharge can change. Douching, use of antibiotics, regular use of feminine hygiene products that have scents and dyes, as well as infections can upset the PH of the vagina, and this can change the normal vaginal discharge.

When is the vaginal discharge abnormal?

When you notice any changes in your vaginal discharge, you should know that there is a problem. Most women will experience a change in the color, odor and even the consistency of the vaginal discharge when there is a problem. Most of the times, these changes indicate a vaginal infection, and action should be taken immediately. The color of the discharge can also become whiter than usual, and in some cases, it might take a greenish or yellowish tint. When the discharge has a fishy smelling discharge, it might indicate that they have an infection too. Significant amounts of discharge can also indicate a problem. Go to this link if you want to find out more.

When should I see my doctor?

As soon as you notice any changes in your vaginal discharge, it is crucial to see your gynecologist. Many women get vaginal infections now and then. If you notice that the discharge is changing its color or having a strange smell, the chances of having an infection are high. It is vital to treat an infection immediately before it gets worse. The doctor will advice you on the right and safe medication or give you some home treatment plans to help cure the infection. It is not advisable to self- diagnose or buy over the counter medication. You might end up making the situation worse or ignoring the real problem.


Any changes in the normal vaginal discharge can be intimidating to a woman. However, when you know what to expect, the whole ordeal is not too scary. It is, however, important to keep the vagina healthy by eating a balanced diet and maintaining a proper hygiene.

6 Easy Ways to Boost Your Self Esteem in Bed

Being confident in bed might sound easy, but it can be hard work that often takes great efforts. Feeling sexually confident is not about looking good naked, it’s all about feeling comfortable with yourself, so here are easy ways to help boost your self esteem in bed:

confidenceLearn to love your body

Keeping your body sexy is strongly correlated with good sexual performance and maximum satisfaction. Be sure to do what it takes to get connected with your body. For instance, if you’ve got a favorite dress that makes the most of all of your curves or a pair of jeans that makes you look sexy, get yourself all gussied up in what you like most. Well, tap into whatever strategies work best for you.

Be honest

You’ve got to think why you want sex and try to speak up and let your man know before getting into a sensual experience. Be honest with him about your motivations as well as desired outcomes. Feeling empowered, asking for what you want and listening to his needs will certainly make you a better woman and augment your sexual self-esteem. In fact, this will help you steer clear of being pushed beyond your comfort zone, and will definitely create room for communication to talk through a solution to your sensual awareness. Read on and you will find more things that you can enhance as a woman.

Enjoy your natural sense of humor

Even though communication is the basic element of a great sex life, you also need a healthy sense of humor that holds it together in the hardest moments. When sex doesn’t go as planned, it can be a serious issue, nevertheless looking on the lighter side of things will certainly help you relieve the anxiety and boost self-confidence in bed.


self esteemLove yourself

This strategy implies that a woman should know what she wants by giving herself what she wants. For example, when you’re new lovers, there’s a lot to learn about how he takes his pleasure. This will undoubtedly make things easier for both of you when you know exactly what gets you off and what you want.

Ask him for positive feedback

All human beings need positive reinforcement, more so when it comes to sex. Generally, communication styles in a relationship often vary. Don’t just lie back and enjoy the fruits of his labour but overtly sing his praises. In case you’re not getting the extol you deserve or need, don’t shy to tell your lover to step it up.

Accept to learn new things

Every individual has a unique set of wants and limitations; therefore it’s obvious that every new lover will present a fresh course in sex. Never let yourself be discouraged if you feel you have a lot to learn. Don’t think it’s abnormal when you sometimes wonder what to do to seduce your man, keep him coming or rev his engine; you’re perfectly alright. Basically, accepting to learn is a simple way of keeping yourself in good company, and accepting that there’s nothing like a sexual mind-reader can greatly help to boost your confidence in bed.

The 3 Hottest Beauty Tips This 2016 That You Should Follow

As much as they say that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, we can’t just ignore that the current 21st-century world runs on the wheels of physical impressions. Yes, beauty might be relative and what one may term as beautiful to one may appear ugly to another, but you only need to go through most Instagram and Snapchat posts to see that indeed there exists an international standard of what is perceived as good-looking and what is not so eye-candy. Nonetheless, the good news is that you can easily rake up your attractiveness brownie points by applying the following top 3 beauty tips for 2016.

beauty tips1. Moisturize Your Skin

There’s no denying that a flawless skin is one of the hallmarks of world-class beauty. And this applies to both men and women. However, contrary to what a majority of people think, you really don’t need an assortment of beauty ointments to radiate a flawless, pimple and acne free skin. The secret is to keep your skin nourished by washing your face regularly with a bar of mild soap and water then applying a good moisturizer afterwards. Apart from that, make sure you drink at least eight glasses of water a day to keep your bloodstream free of the toxic waste that later clog your skin pores. At the same time, for best results, you can go a step further and supplement this with a weekly or bi-weekly exfoliating face mask. Just be careful not to overdo it. Go here to find more useful tips.

2. Up Your Grooming Game

This works both ways – for both men and women. 98% of first-time impressions are based on how you present yourself to people. And a large part of this is influenced by your grooming skills. But before you dismiss this fact, have it at the back of your mind that elegant dressing doesn’t necessarily mean adorning expensive and flamboyant attires. It is more of choosing clothes that complement your body type best as well as comfortable nicely-fitting footwear.

Speaking of which, as far as dressing is concerned, women are usually spoiled for choice, unlike men who are limited to a few, culturally-acceptable dressing styles. So if you’re a man, concentrate on making sure you have a strong shoe-game and keeping your clothes well-trimmed and presentable. For a lady, you can either choose to flaunt your glorious curves or mask your feminine shape with a loose, exquisite dress while revealing a few lavish spots ever so slightly to keep them interested.

3. Stay Fit and Lean

Yes, this is one valuable beauty tip for 2016 that is completely under your control. It should go without saying that lean people are more attractive and appealing than their chubby counterparts. For men, especially, packing slabs of muscles in all the right places can really go a long way in improving your attractiveness score count. Staying fit for women, on another hand, means that they will have flatter tummies and a very well-defined waist-to-hip ratio that is universally considered irresistibly charming by both sexes.


So go ahead, don’t let anyone put you down regardless of your external facial composure by making use of these three valuable beauty tips.