5 Ways To Have Better Sex With Your Partner

improved love makingOver the course of the relationship, partners might not find sex as thrilling as when they were younger. The flames that were there fizzled, and there is no sexual urge in the bedroom anymore. This leaves both partners very frustrated and unhappy. If your sex desire has diminished, you and your partner need to ignite the old flames if you’re going to save that marriage. In this article, we will give you tips on how to have better sex with your partner.

Foreplay matters

Whoever said the end of something is better than its beginning never had a chat with women about the significance of foreplay. Foreplay is especially important for women as they take longer time to get aroused. Foreplay serves both a physical and emotional purpose, helping to prepare both the mind and the body for sex(www.vwhcare.com). Most ladies need to be hugged, kissed and caressed in order to create lubrication in their vagina, which is essential for better sex. You don’t have to start in the bedroom. You can start in the kitchen while doing after-dinner-clean-up. Or while watching TV.

lasting relationshipExperiment more

Try something you have never done before. This does not have to involve weird things. Make his night and drive him wild with new sex positions. The amount of pleasure that variety in positions bring can make your partner look forward to something new whenever you make love. Sex is all about love and intimacy, so whilst the sex positions are part of the fun, the actual payoff is the way different maneuvers enable you to explore each other in various ways.

Enhance your libido

If you find you are willing to sleep everyday rather than have sex with your partner, your sex drive may need a boost. But that doesn’t mean you need to get libido-boosting pills. All it takes is adding a few foods into your diet. Foods such as broccoli, cloves, figs, watermelons, black raspberry, eggs, and ginseng can turn your sex life from bad to better, since they trigger your passion in the bedroom. Research has shown that women who eat chocolate regularly perform better in bed. Serotonin, a substance found in chocolate, has been proven to boost mood and provide energy.



If your sex life is boring, it is because you are not discussing your likes and dislikes with your partner. You can’t be expected to read your spouse’s mind, just as your spouse cannot expect to read yours. This can be achieved through verbal communication or can be done by physically taking your partner’s hand and moving it. If you’re shy about this, you can use movies and books to communicate your needs. Often times, what you want done in bed is not being done simply because your spouse is clueless. If your partner knows what you like and what you don’t, then you can be certain he/she will please you.

Most couples struggle with sex at some point because they are too stressed, tired, or simply not interested in sex anymore. Whatever the reasons are, these tips will help spice up your sex life.


What is There To Know About An Orgasm?

There are seven types of orgasms that a woman can experience. Almost every sexually active woman will experience at lease one or all these orgasms throughout their lifetime.

Most men will give a woman a clitoral orgasm and in fact, almost 10% of women have never really experienced an orgasm. Since women can have seven different types of orgasms, let us go through them one by one. Remember it does involve a man too. You can learn how to give your man more pleasure too if you click here.

Below you will find the seven common orgasms that women experience

The clitoral orgasmj645h4

Most women receive and experience this orgasm. It is achieved by stimulation of the clitoris with the finger, mouth, penis head or with other sex toys.

The vaginal Orgasm

This type of orgasm is the best as it will allow the women to feel extreme sexual pleasure and cause, squirting or multiple orgasms.

If a woman frequently experiences this type of orgasm her sexual life will be very satisfied which in turn will make a relationship stronger; This orgasm is achieved by stimulating what is know as the G-spot. Even though the G-spot theory is debated, there are many scientists and doctors who say such an area does exist in the vagina.

The Squirting Orgasm

A woman has this when her G-spot is stimulated, and the woman experiences a squirting of liquid during an orgasm. This liquid is not urine and will bring the woman much pleasure.

The Anal Orgasm

It can be achieved by using the fingers to massage the G-spot while also stimulating the woman’s anus with a finger.

65hThe Multiple Orgasms

If a woman has more than one climax during sex, this is known as multiple orgasms. It cannot be achieved with a clitoral orgasm as the clitoris will become sensitive to touch after the first orgasm. However, it can easily be achieved through vaginal orgasms. It will bring the woman much pleasure.

The Nipple Orgasm

Many women say that they are aroused when their nipples are being stimulated. A woman with sensitive nipples can, in fact, reach orgasm if her nipples are stimulated rhythmically.

The Mental Orgasm

Some women like to be aroused by a man’s voice. They like to hear arousing words, and this can, in fact, give them quite a lot of pleasure.

Now that you know the types of orgasms a woman can experience, you also need to know that they can be used in combination. A woman’s vagina has thousands of nerve endings which are sensitive to touch. For a great sex experience the man must also play a vital role in understanding how to please a woman.


Does Having a Tighter Vagina Give You Improved Orgasms?

Having a tighter vagina may be important to many women. The reason for this is that it brings more pleasure to their partner and also more sensation to them as well.

Not every woman is lucky to have a tight vagina. Sometimes it can be genetic that a woman will have a loose vagina, Tight Vagina 13however, in most cases it is due to stretching after childbirth. If you are a woman and want to know if a tighter vagina will help you have better sensations during sexual intercourse, the answer is yes.

The reason a tighter vagina can give you better sensations is the muscles will be able to feel the friction between the penis and, therefore, be stimulated better. The man will also, have better feelings as a tighter vagina will make him feel even bigger and feel that he is indeed penetrating the woman efficiently. And, to know more about this topic, click here.

We all know that men prefer to have sex with younger women. The reason for being attracted to younger women is because they believe that younger women have tighter vaginas. Even though it is not always the case, a tighter vagina can, in fact, help a couple get closer to each other as the act of lovemaking will be more intimate.

Tight Vagina 12A tight vagina can help a woman regain her self-confidence, feel more appealing to men. If you have given birth and wanted to rekindle your lovemaking with your spouse, you may want to find a way to tighten your vagina again. There are not many options available in this area, and the most common is going through surgery. However, as with any surgery there will be risks. The latest trend is to use herbal creams that can help tighten the pelvic muscles in order to get the vagina to contract. Childbirth is actually a trauma to the vagina and, therefore, may tear and damage muscle and tissue. By using cream, you may be able to repair the damage done and slowly get your vagina back into the way it used to be.

A tighter vagina will no-doubt make your sexual experience more intense. It will give you and your partner stronger orgasms and better pleasure. This is no secret and as a woman you should take the necessary steps to find the best solution for you to get a tighter vagina.


The 5 Best Cleanliness Practices for a Healthy Vagina

These basic tips could help your vagina stay healthy, so you could enjoy a rewarding and also enjoyable sex life. Any lady that experiences any inflammation or pain in her vagina ought to speak to her gynecologist quickly to figure out the cause as well as suitable therapy.

1. Refrain from Douching

Lots of females grew up hearing that it was essential to douche to stay clear of vaginal smell and also to keep the area clean. The severe chemicals and fragrances in several of the marketed douches could upset Tight Vagina 29the fragile PH levels and also trigger inflammation or even a bad smell. Rather than attempting to mask vaginal odor with a scented douche, white or apple cider vinegar can be made use of to purify the vaginal area without distressing the PH balance or damaging the helpful bacteria.

2. Eating Healthily is necessary

What a female eats is not only crucial for her look and also weight, but it could likewise influence the wellness of her vagina. Several researchers suggest including yogurt to the diet regimen to promote the development of health and wellness microorganisms. Consuming plenty of water can also help to rinse damaging contaminants out of the physical body that can trigger vaginal problems. Some women have also discovered that cranberries can likewise improve vaginal health and wellness together with soy items.

3. Always Practice Safe Sex

STD’s are a typical and avoidable problem that can trigger a female to experience pain, soreness, and inflammation in her vagina. While some venereal diseases can be treated with antibiotics, there is no remedy for HIV or genital herpes. Just putting on a condom could protect against the Tight Vagina 14transfer of STDs. It is likewise vital to change condoms throughout intercourse if both vaginal and anal penetration is performed. Bacteria located in the rectum can cause problems with the vaginal PH levels.


4. Treat Infections when They Appear

Mostly all women will experience a yeast or microbial infection in their vagina at least once in their lives. These infections can happen without direct exposure to a sexually transmitted disease as well as could be caused by many elements. These infections could normally be cleared with an antibiotic or anti-fungal lotion and also must be treated by a health care specialist.

5. Lubrication is essential

Not only is vaginal dryness unpleasant during intercourse for a lady, but it could also additionally hurt for her companion. For occasional cases of dryness, a lube or lotion can be topically used. This can assist to stop irritability and tears on the vaginal lining that could lead to an unpleasant infection. A single thing to remember is to stay clear of oil-based lubricating items because they can damage the good bacteria in the vagina.

Can Giving Birth Leave You With a Loose Vagina?

Several women, post pregnancy and childbirth wind up with a loose vagina. No matter how hard they strive to prevent it, it still happens and also winds up impacting a woman’s self-esteem. It might not be damaging considering that it is very natural for the body to be like this after childbirth.

However, having a loose vagina produces a bunch of troubles which a Tight Vagina 18female might not be ready to handle. She will certainly notice a change in her sex life, and also this change is nothing favorable. Simply put, the sex life will become very boring and not satisfying. If a lady does refrain from doing anything to heal her loose vagina, eventually, the condition will aggravate with time, and it will be too late for any remedy. There are numerous treatments for those who actually wish to do something about their loose vagina.

Several ladies that have gone through the age of 30 or have actually undergone pregnancy experience the issue of a loose vagina. Most of these women think that surgery is the only method whereby their vagina can be tightened up which is a pricey procedure hence they learn to cope with a loose vagina.

A loosened vagina can cause absence of sexual desire as both the companions lose the feelings and sensitivity that can likewise cause problems in their connection because a great sexual life is the basis of a solid partnership. Clinically speaking females with a loose vagina are discovered to be more vulnerable to urinary system incontinence as well as experience bad vaginal odor.

Tight Vagina 02Having a loose vagina can cause a variety of problems in a woman’s life. The major problems being an unsatisfactory sex life, health problems like urinary incontinence and often it could lead to issues in a relationship since men enjoy having sex with ladies that have a tight vagina that is the primary reason that they are enticed to young girls. So to tighten your vagina you basically could pick either surgery or natural vagina tightening creams.

Let us look at the options available for women who want to remedy the looseness in their vagina.

Vagina Tightening Surgery

This is the most reliable method of getting your vagina back into form. However, a surgical procedure has its own negative aspects as it is just only effective until your next pregnancy. Afterwards you will need to opt for it again, and also it sets you back around $5000 to $10000 so everybody can not pay for such a procedure.


Herbal Method

Nowadays, natural vagina tightening lotions and creams have gotten enormous popularity amongst females as theyTight Vagina 22 are free from any sort of negative effects and also make the vagina tighter once applied. For this reason improving the sensation of penetration for both the partners as well as assisting them reignite the passion in bed. The primary benefits of these creams are their low cost, the absence of any negative effects, in addition, they likewise act as natural lubricants as well as an aid in doing away with a bad vaginal smell.

Which Method is better?

Taking a look at both the alternatives they both seem to be reputable. However, if you are seeking to go ahead with surgery it is advisable first to check out these organic lotions and creams considering that there are constantly problems entailed when you go under a surgery no matter how little or large the surgical treatment is.

One thing to remember is that childbirth is a natural process. Nothing can be compared to bringing life into this world. But after childbirth it is important that you, the mother must also have a satisfying sex life. It is important as sex gives you relief from daily stresses and helps you relax. Therefore, after childbirth even though your vagina may loosen due to the stretching, you do not need to worry as there are many alternatives for you to get back the feelings and sensations you have in your vagina prior to the delivery. You can consult your gynecologist for advice and once you have decided to get back your vagina to its pre-delivery stage try a natural vagina tightening gel and see how it will help you feel the tightness you used to before childbirth.

How You Can Avoid Having Vaginoplasty

Vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure that females often count on when attempting to fix troubles in their sex life. After giving birth, some women experience stretching and also damages to the vaginal canal, which may lower the pleasure delighted in throughout sexual intercourse for both companions.

Various other ladies manage stretching as they age, wanting the days Tight Vagina 12when they appreciated tighter vaginas. Others decide on the extreme procedure of a vaginoplasty considering that they are miserable with the degree of enjoyment they experience when engaging in intimacy with a partner. Although an operation might seem severe, several women feel that it is their last hope to appreciate sex with their companion once again.

Nonetheless, modern scientific research has actually caused practical items, such as vagina tightening creams, which can provide a choice to this operation for women. Which alternative will work most effectively for your requirements? Below is a comparison of the pros and cons of each alternative.


If you’re thinking about having one, it’s crucial to consider both the advantages and disadvantages of the surgery. Actually, there are few pros that accompany this procedure. The one benefit to having the surgical procedure is that some women do feel far better regarding themselves sexually after they recover from the surgical treatment. Nevertheless, a vaginoplasty brings with it numerous disadvantages as well.

One of the primary disadvantages is the discomfort as well as the danger that comes with the surgical procedure. Based on the American College of Obstetricians as well as Gynecologists, the clinical safety of this surgical procedure remains in uncertainty, which is a disadvantage that is worthy of a harmful factor to consider.

The surgical treatment comes with significant health and wellness risks, including tissue cells adhesions, excruciating scars and also possible nerve damage. It requires quite a bit of healing time, suggesting that sexual intercourse will not be possible until you are completely recovered.

Tight Vagina 24The cost is yet one more of the disadvantages of undertaking this procedure. It can cost thousands of dollars to have the surgical procedure done, not to mention the money spent by those that need to take time off work to recuperate from the procedure. Sometimes, those which undertake the surgical treatment typically aren’t even pleased with the results once they have fully recuperated.

Tightening up Cream and Gels

Vaginal tightening creams and gels, like V-Tight Gel, offer a serious option to vaginoplasty that need to be considered by ladies considering this surgical procedure. Females most definitely must not overlook sex-related issues, yet the surgical procedure is a drastic alternative to think about.

Helpful reviving and tightening up creams and gels could offer a remedy to the trouble that females encounter. These include unpleasant sex, unsatisfying sex, stretched vaginal walls as well as stretching as well as tissue damage after childbirth. Even those which lack the natural lubrication they need for comfy sex could find the creams and gels handy without the need to choose a vaginoplasty.


One of the perks of vaginal tightening creams and gels is that they don’t require uncomfortable, invasive and unsafe medical procedures. These creams and gels are readily available nonprescription and also are very easy to use. They don’t cause any kind of pain and also they are not unsafe either.

Another pro to making use of Tight Vagina 15these natural products rather than choosing surgery is that these items are more affordable than the operation. Rather than spending thousands of dollars on surgery, females can delight in much better sexual relations investing a lot less than $100 per month for these tightening and also renewing items.

Of course, a disadvantage to think about is that not all these products are made alike. Some over the counter products may advertise excellent results yet may not have the ability to provide the claimed results. To prevent this trouble, ladies must meticulously take into consideration different products to find those that include quality natural ingredients, outstanding endorsements and effective results.

Vaginoplasty doesn’t need to be the harmful, expensive answer to a lacking sex life. Instead of going the expensive medical route, think about a vaginal tightening gels like V-Tight gel. You’ll save cash, delight in better sex and avoid putting your body through the recuperation time that comes after having a vaginoplasty.

Learn More About Manjakani and Vagina Tightening – Is This the Solution?

It is a fact of life that men like a tight vagina for sexual pleasure. Most males are sexually attracted to quite young women.

Why is this?

The fact is young women are likely to have an extremely tight vaginal canal that can bring them much pleasure.

manjakani22You may not be happy about this situation. Possibly it is unjust! But the reality is these girls vaginas have been loosened by age, giving birth, countless sex-related experiences or anything else that causes them to lose the tightness and firmness of their vaginal muscles..

Why is this so vital?

The truth is a female with a really tight vaginal area raises a male’s ego by making him feel he has a considerably bigger than average penis. A tight vaginal canal makes a male feel every inch of his penis inside the vaginal canal. It stimulates each and every single nerve in his genital area. It actually causes a flood of sex-related energy and ecstasy across his body. Once a guy has actually made love with a lady with a truly tight vagina, all he will be able to think of is having sex with that same female again. However many ladies eventually lose their ‘teen’ rigidity. Nature takes its toll on everyone.

Nevertheless, you can invigorate your vaginal canal and also be tight once more with a vagina tightening gel that has the ingredient manjakani which is commonly mixed with Pueraria Mirifica. It can reverse loss of flexibility from childbirth and growing old. You will be able to please your partner and increase your own sexual pleasure and orgasms.

Oak gall commonly called manjakani, originated from oak hair belonging to Asia. They are created when stinging wasps permeate the leaves of the oak tree. The resulting chemical reaction promotes the leaves to create a solid roundish ball called oak gall.

Herbalist have actually known for a long time that manjakani (oak gall) is high in tannin, antioxidant, vitamins A & C, tannic acid, calcium, iron, fiber, healthy protein as well as carbs. Asians, Indians, Malays and the Chinese have used oak galls after giving birth to recover the woman’s well-being, and also for vaginal discharge and related issues.

pix_gal2The special properties of oak galls or manjakani are extremely helpful for ladies. Its solid astringent abilities give immediate tightening impacts on vaginal walls. Its ability to eliminate free radicals assists to condition vaginal walls and also helps to turn around the loss of elasticity due to aging, giving birth as well as hormone modifications. It additionally aids to ward off undesirable microorganisms.


Pueraria Mirifica is a herb that contains incredibly high levels of phytoestrogens and is superb for promoting the Bartholin glandular to secrete estrogen and bring back a lady’s natural vaginal lubrication. Phyto-estrogens raise the blood flow to the vaginal canal and present an estrogen-like organic effects. Routine use of Pueraria Mirifica may help in vaginal tissue re-growth, strength as well as flexibility.

invIf you too have lost the self-confidence and sensations during sex, it may be in your best interest to get an all-natural vaginal tightening gel that contains manjakani. This ingredient has been around for centuries, and it is much safer than subjecting yourself to surgery. The cost of the gel will only be a fraction of the cost of surgery and will give you a similar effect after it is regularly used. You can also, take pleasure in the knowledge that you will be satisfying your partner and giving him the feeling that he is with a younger woman. Your vagina may actually feel tighter as it used to when you were a teenager.

Thus, this natural herbal product eliminates the need for any surgical procedure that is the fastest growing (and one of the most expensive) clinical procedures being requested by ladies today! Do not risk your health by going under the knife, any surgery no matter what the success rate comes with risks and with a natural vaginal tightening gel you do not have to be worried or subject yourself to any danger.

Feel younger and enjoy your sexual life, bring a new spark to your marriage or relationship.

Which Treatments Can Make My Vagina Tighter?

Many women realize that as they grow older they lose the firmness that they had when they were younger. Some of the main places the firmness decreases in women are the breasts, buttocks, and Vagina.

Let us look further into how a woman loses firmness or rather tightness in her vagina.

t83The Vagina of a woman is a very flexible part of the body. It can fit from little as a tampon to a baby during childbirth. Naturally women are born to have children but it does come at a price. It is a fact of life and unavoidable that as women grow older their vagina loses it’s tightness and becomes loose. This can be due to childbirth but also due to frequent sexual intercourse.

How can a woman maintain the tightness of her vagina?

Having a tight vagina gives a woman more self-confidence as she will feel and know that she has appeal as men prefer to have sex with women with a tighter vagina. It cannot be overlooked that there is more pleasure in sex when a woman has a tight vagina that can produce more sensations. The tightness of the vagina is when the pelvic muscles can contract to maintain continence. They also allow a woman to control urination and bowel movements. These pelvic muscles can become stretched or weakened due to aging, sexual intercourse, and childbirth. In the case of childbirth, the pelvic muscles are stretched and lose their ability to contract. The effect is even more when giving birth repeatedly during a short span of time.

There are many available options for women who want to regain the tightness of their vagina. Below are a few options available.

1. Vaginal tightening surgery also called Vaginoplasty (This is a reconstructive cosmetic surgery)
2. Vaginal tightening exercises (Kegal exercises and Pilates)
3. Vaginal tightening creams

Let us take a closer look at each one of the above options.

1. Vaginal tightening surgery (Vaginoplasty)

The surgery that many women opt to go for is a method where the inside walls of the vagina or the vagina canal and mucous membrane are surgically tightened to allow for more tightness during intercourse.

Though this procedure is rather popular among women, like any surgery there are risks and not to mention the surgery does come at a hefty price.

2. Vaginal tightening exercises

Kegal exercise and Pilates have been known to help tighten the vagina and tone and firm the pelvic muscles. This is a great option for women who do not want to undergo surgery and are afraid of it. It is more or less no cost at all and may only cost the amount to purchase the exercising routine guide. Exercises require a commitment from the person performing them and have to be frequently done and on time.

The Kegal exercises, in particular, have been known to be rather effective but to see results one must continue with them for quite some time.

rr33. Vaginal tightening creams

When many do not have the money to get vaginal tightening surgery or do not have the time for exercises, the other option is to use vaginal tightening creams. It has become very popular among many women as it gives them the desired result and they can be seen in a short time. These creams are in most cases made from natural ingredients and help the pelvic muscles contract.

When applied half an hour before sexual intercourse these creams allow you to feel tight and more satisfied. When using the cream over a period the vagina tightness increases and thus helping a woman feel more self-confident.


Feeling tight and being able to satisfy your partner and yourself during sex is important to most women. That is why it is recommended to go for techniques that are non-intrusive. A combination of creams and exercises will give the best results to any woman.