Does Too Much Sexual Intercourse Really Loosen Up The Vagina?

Discussions about sex and relationships are always fascinating. While many people find it difficult to openly talk about their sexuality, they are curious to find the answers to the many myths that surround the idea of sex.

One of the hot topics has always been about the link between a loose vagina and too much sex. Many people think that the vagina is tightest when a lady is a virgin and that it gets looser and looser as she starts to have sex frequently.

Does too much sex loosen your vagina?

holding newbornFirst of all, it is a fact that every woman is different. Every vagina is different too. Just like penises, vaginas come in different sizes. This explains why some women find large penises very pleasurable while others find them very painful. The fact that a woman can accommodate a larger member does not necessarily mean she has had more sex. She may have had a larger vagina to begin with. We can’t fault her for that!

The vagina is by nature highly elastic and is always expanding and contracting. The vagina will become naturally “loose” when a woman is sexually aroused in preparation for intercourse. However, after sex, it tightens and goes back to its normal state. More sex does not make it any “looser.”

There is no scientific link between cavernous vaginas and too much sex. In fact, the vagina is not the only part of the body that is optimized to expand and contract. Stuffing too much food into your mouth cannot make the mouth loose even if you do it many times in a day!

What Actually Causes The Vagina to Get Loose?

There are factors that can cause the vagina to become loose that have nothing to do with having sex. Here are some of them:

old lady1. Vaginal childbirth

Childbirth stretches the vagina a great deal. Let’s face it. The woman is pushing a 6-10 pound creature through her vagina. But the good news is that it does re-tighten completely post-partum, especially in young women. These are women in their early twenties or late teens.

But there are is an exception to this. After multiple births, even the vagina of a young woman may not fully contract.

For women who give birth later in their lives, they may not be as lucky. The rigors of late childbearing combined with the aging of the vaginal muscles may lead to permanent looseness. A woman who gives birth past the age of 30 is likely to experience persistent looseness.

2. Aging

Aging causes contractions of vaginal muscles to weaken which makes the vagina loose. This is very common in middle aged women or those in menopause. In addition to a loose vagina, aging can also lead to vaginal dryness as estrogen levels continue to drop.

How do you tighten your vagina?

Kegel exercises

This is one of the most popular natural methods. This is done by squeezing the internal pelvic muscles. When you visit the bathroom, try and stop yourself in the middle of peeing. When you squeeze the pelvic muscles, you will end up strengthening your vaginal walls as well. Perform the Kegel exercises several times a day for 9-11 weeks.


Bottom line

Although a woman’s vagina becomes looser with time, it is not as a result of how much sex she has had. So don’t judge women, or men for that matter, harshly because of the size of their genitalia. Learn to enjoy your body just the way it is.

What are the Safe Ingredients for Vaginal Tightening Products?

Scientists agree that the elasticity of the vagina can be affected by various elements apart from childbirth, some of which include, too much sex, highly aggressive or rough sex, and poor hygiene just to mention a few.


One of the main issues associated with a loose vagina is fewer feelings or sensations during sexual intercourse. It can also significantly reduce one’s enjoyment and lead to relationship problems. Vaginoplasty has become one of the best ways for women to deal with this issue but it is quite expensive, and there are possible side effects after the surgery. The best alternatives are now tightening creams, pills, and other products.

Safe and dangerous ingredients in vaginal tightening products

In most cases, female renewal gels are made using 100% herbal ingredients. Such products are intended to pose no harm to the user, even when inside the vagina. Some of these herbs include:

  • Aloe Vera
  • Oak Gall extract
  • Korean Ginseng
  • Pueraria Mirifica
  • Witch Hazel

The herbs mentioned above contain properties that facilitate the tightening of the skin. All the extracts are combined with other natural ingredients and made into a usable, portable cream that can be used at home. In most cases, the creams can increase tightening by up to 40%.


witch-hazelSome of the benefits of tightening gels and creams include;

  • You can figuratively turn back time by restoring your elasticity
  • They act as a natural lubricant since women can use it to ease the pain and dryness of their vagina.
  • Tightening Gels and creams offer quick results. In fact, you can feel an instant sensation within 15-minutes, even after the initial application
  • They help to stimulate one’s sexual responses
  • They tend to be flavored in some cases
  • They help to prevent fungal and bacterial infections, which helps with overall health and vaginal hygiene.
  • Improves self-esteem

leavesAdverse effects of vaginal products

The issue of oil-based tightening creams is that they might trap the bacteria leading to all kinds of infections, some of which include yeast vaginitis. Such illnesses tend to cause pain, itching, and discharge. This is quite the opposite of water based lubricants which do not lead to any allergic reactions and cannot trap bacteria. Go to the homepage to learn more:

Some of the dangerous products found in the vagina are:

  • They contain dyes that can potentially cause allergic reactions in the areas applied.
  • They contain preservatives which are often used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Some of the products included in these preservatives are ethyl, methyl, propyl, and butyl, all of which have been approved by the US FDA despite the fact they can lead to rosacea, contact dermatitis and skin irritation.
  • They sometimes contain Propylene Glycol and Glycerin which can result in chronic pain, skin irritation or burning sensation.

It is important to that not all vagina tightening products contain these harmful products. The female sexual organ is quite sensitive and the most vital part of the woman. As a result, taking any risks should be avoided. Make sure you know what you are buying, how it’s used and the possible side effects. This is the best way to ensure your health remains robust.

Sex Tips After You’ve Given Birth to a Baby, Postpartum Advice & Vagina Facts

Here we examine how you can resume the sex life you desire after birth while feeling confident and comfortable with it.

Improving your sex life can take a while, you can feel ready in just a matter of weeks or you may find yourself not ready for a few months after you’ve just had a baby. Each woman is different and you must never worry that you aren’t normal or feel pressured that you are different.

This is a period of great readjustment as you continue learning how to live with your body being different after pregnancy, and get in tune with the needs of the baby. It is therefore normal if sex doesn’t rank too highly in your priority list. Exhaustion is something to be expected because of the increased demands on your time as well as interrupted sleep. Both of these can have tremendous impact on how ready you are for sex.

Once you are ready, there is no need for you to wait until after the 6-week check that people normally do. The best thing is to wait until the post-birth bleeding ceases (usually between 10 to 14 days but can proceed for weeks). The reason for this being that the uterus is still healing and having sex before the bleeding ceases creates the possibility of creating an infection.

baby and mom

How Various Births Can Affect Your Sex Life, Postpartum

The type of birth you have had determines the amount of time it will take for you to go back to having sex after recovering from labor. Delivering a child takes a toll on the body and you will surely need some time to recuperate, and some getting used to being a mother.

You will feel sore with a tear or the stitches that follow a cut (episiotomy). After 10 days, the stitches should dissolve and within 2 weeks the healing should be underway and the soreness ought to have subsided. In case you still have stitches, you can try to switch to positions that will limit penetration as well as lower the pressure on the area. The important thing is that once you are ready for sex, you should take it gentle and slow.

In case you underwent a natural birth, you will probably feel uncomfortable and tired most of the time. Healing will be quicker with no cut or tear and you may feel ready for sex much earlier than when you’ve had an episiotomy. However, if you still have some areas that sting or feel bruised it may be advisable to take it gently.

If you underwent a Cesarean section (C-section), you may worry about your scar but even this should be properly healed before the stitches come off. You may opt to switch to a position that do not put pressure on your scar if it is still sensitive.

Fear of pain, tiredness, or other kinds of fears, such as the reopening the of scar or vaginal tissue reopening can all play a role in your readiness to continue having sex. Talk to your partner since it can help because worries surrounding sex can delay sexual feelings or even arousal. Spending more time on foreplay without the feeling that you need to proceed to penetration also helps. Lubrication during sex also helps a great deal because it lessens the toll of penetration in sex.

More Info About Pregnancy, Postpartum & Sex!

While breastfeeding, the levels of estrogen in your body remains low to ensure delayed ovulation and getting pregnant again. This is your body’s way of ensuring that another pregnancy doesn’t happen to soon after the previous one. Vaginal dryness can be one of the effects. You need to take it slowly and use some lubrication if this is the case. Low levels of estrogen in some women also lowers the desire and they might find themselves having a lesser sensitive clitoris too. Testosterone (libido boosting hormone) levels also drop while prolactin (milk-supply hormone) rises.

Oxytocin is a hormone responsible for making your milk flow and is also released during sex making it possible for you to spurt milk during orgasm. Some couples really love this while others simply do not. If you do not, then feed the baby prior to having sex to ensure that your breasts are not full or you can wear a pad in your bra. Help your partner understand how your sexuality is affected by breastfeeding and that you don’t enjoy having your sensitive and tender breasts touched. However, if you enjoy the breasts being touched, there is no reason not to.

In case your partner sucks on the nipples, they can release milk thereby taking them by surprise. Unlike milk from other mammals such as cows, human milk has a sweet taste due to its high content of lactose (natural milk sugar).

You also need to ensure that your partner does not move directly from oral sex to sucking nipples since this can transfer thrush.This is not good for both parties.

6 Ways Improve Sex After You’ve Had a Baby

woman and man talking1. Better Communication with your Partner

Communicating and having a mutual understanding of one another’s needs is critical to keeping a loving relationship alive. Help your partner understand that asking for sex when you are coping with the demands of a young baby may be a bit too much. However, make them understand that while the focus is on the baby currently, it does not imply that you are pushing them away or no longer love them.

Likewise, the desire of your partner to have sex is most likely a way of them trying to express their affection and love for you and not intended to be demanding.

2. Get Over the Privacy Hump

The presence of the baby makes many parents feel inhibited when they desire to have sex. However, do not be embarrassed if he or she is in the room. The baby is already used to the body’s gurgles from inside and hearing them a lot too, so hearing it from the outside does not upset the child at all. In addition, the baby probably doesn’t care what you are doing.

If the baby is in your bed, you have to be careful or place him or her in the crib. If the baby cries for a feed, you might get interrupted but the baby is not judging you. Soon you will be getting your privacy back.

3. Sexual Positions, Before and After Pregnancy

To deal with exhaustion, accept any offer of assistance with the house and baby that you receive to help you get some rest. Once you have rested, you might feel sexier.

Select a time when the baby is least likely to disturb you such as after a feed.

Talk to your partner about your feelings and the changes to your body along with the ways you like or don’t like to be touched.

Explore the vagina gently with the fingers to help you find out whether there is any change or pain for yourself first.

Avoid going straight for full penetration. Mutual masturbation or oral sex may be easier to start with.
Ensure that you are fully aroused prior to penetration and always use lubricant.

Switch to positions that inhibit penetration, this will help you figure out what kind of position is best for you. This not only helps you understand which position gives you less pain but gives you a chance to explore your sexuality.

Discuss with your partner immediately if you feel any pain down below as this is something that needs to be avoided.

4. Relax and Take your Time to Do Things

relaxDo not feel pressured if you are not ready for sex. The reasons that many women that had sex after pregnancy before being ready are provided below:

  • The desire to get it over and done with.
  • Assuming that other women had resumed sex already.
  • Pressure from their partners or feeling that they were neglecting their partners.

You need to prioritize your feelings. Avoid comparing yourself to other women since they might not be telling you the truth about their situation. Importantly, do not feel that your partner is pressuring you. Share your feelings with your partner and explaining the major changes that childbirth, pregnancy, and caring for a new child brings about. Talk to your partner right away in case you are worried and under pressure.

Motherhood is the essence of being a woman, and they say that you’d only become a complete woman after giving birth to a child, naturally. However, you ought to know that the pleasure related to motherhood also comes at a cost. One of the biggest sacrifices a woman should make for that is to let their vagina become a little loose after childbirth– especially after having multiple children.

During labor, the cervical and vaginal muscles contract and expand repeatedly. This, together with the baby going through the vaginal opening would result to slackened vaginal muscles.

pregnant woman facing front

5. Using Vaginal Tightening Creams like V-Tight Gel

Even women who used to be tight during their early days are susceptible to having a loose vagina after having a few kids. This could negatively affect their sexual relationship because this would be less enjoyable for their partner.

There are tightening gels that claim to tighten a loose vagina, it tightens the skin and the vaginal walls at the same time giving you better sex in return. It has been shown that it works efficiently, and there aren’t any adverse side effects that can be experienced when using high-quality vaginal tightening gels because they are made of natural ingredients. This has become so popular, especially for women who are looking to tighten their vaginas after pregnancy.

If you’re a mother with several children and is too embarrassed about your loose vagina, one of the best tightening gels that you can try would be the V-Tight Gel vaginal tightening cream. This vaginal gel could correct the looseness of the vagina after giving birth a few times. It’s claimed to work on its own, but when used with a combination of exercise, it’s said to be more effective.

The manufacturers of this product claim that it works in a matter of minutes after application. Not just that, the good thing about this gel is that you can even engage in intercourse even after applying the cream because it works as lubrication as well.

Also, since it’s made up of natural ingredients, such as the Manjakani extract, you don’t have to worry about any adverse side effects at all. So, why spend a fortune on surgery, if you can get the same results with this vaginal tightening cream?

6. Exercises Perfect for Moms Who Have Given Birth Multiple Times

Kegel Exercises

pregnant woman in blue shirtOne of the best ways to tighten the vagina naturally after giving birth would be with the help of Kegel exercises on a regular basis. In fact, it’s highly recommended for ladies post-delivery(post partum), and the training involves the contraction of the muscles in the groin area and relaxing them after 10 seconds.

This exercise should be done at least 15 times a day, followed up with four sets of the same workout regularly. Aside from that, you can also try contracting the groin muscles while you urinate and try to hold your urine for about 5 seconds, then release. Do this repeatedly though out the day for maximum effect.

Vaginal Props

During the delivery of the baby, the pelvic floor becomes overstretched and because of that, it could potentially get weaker. This would result in muscles underperforming during intercourse. Sometimes, Kegels may be enough to tighten the vagina however, if it has already become too loose, then investing in vaginal props may be ideal for you.

These props bulge around the middle, and it enables the user to tighten the muscles around the vagina repeatedly– making them stronger each time.

Final Words

It’s no secret that even mothers want to have a tighter vagina and most men prefer women with a tight vagina. It plays a critical role in bringing two people closer together– not only physically, but emotionally as well.

So, even if you have had multiple childbirths or pregnancies, you don’t need to worry because you will still be able to enjoy sex after all this trauma on your body. A lot of women have opted to go for a C-section in the hopes that it will save their vaginas from getting too loose but it can only do so much because natural pregnancies will weigh down on the body regardless. Using products like V-tight gel can help you enjoy sex again after having children, even women before any pregnancies are using it just to have more fun in bed!

The methods discussed above are just some of the ways on how to tighten the vagina naturally and are intended for mommies who had multiple childbirths. Give them a try and enjoy a tighter vagina, even if you’re a mom of five kids!

Why V-tight Gel and Kegel Exercises Combined, Can Help A Woman

Today, our lives are very different from the lives of our ancestors. The advancement of the medication not only enables us to live longer, but also successfully battle many of the illness that have killed millions in the past.

The latest improvements in nanotechnology and the stem cells Tight Vagina 03research have provided us hope that in the extremely near future, we might be able not just to greatly slow down aging, however even totally reverse it. Nevertheless, until that time comes, all of us endeavor to our best to remain and look younger for as long as possible.

That is where V-tight gel and cream comes into play. Not only is the product all natural, it ensures that the effects are long-lasting without any side-effects. Also, we have more tips to make your usage of the product much more powerful.


The previous few years we have seen a boom in the breast enhancement and other plastic surgery treatments, and there is yet another trend that has truly emerged recently that is vaginal area renewal! Aging and giving birth to children cause the muscles of the vaginal area to loosen. Numerous women feel that they and their partners are not enjoying sex as before and are searching for vagina tightening ways and approaches. While cosmetic surgery, which is known as Vaginoplasty, is an option that many ladies consider, it not just comes with a high cost, but the preferred effect is not constantly attained. In the United States alone vagina renewal surgery would cost anywhere from $5000 to $10 000 or even more, depending on the place and the surgeon who carries out the treatment. Not every woman can afford this and are sometimes discouraged about their vaginal area looseness.

Tight Vagina 06Ways to tighten your vagina without surgery?

There are a few other methods that can assist women to get stronger muscles, better control, and ultimately tighter vagina without having to pay thousands of dollars. One such method is the Kegel exercises, which is a natural method to achieve vaginal area tightening. However, these exercises have to be done daily for a fairly long time in order to produce the desired outcome. The other available choice is the different creams, sprays, and natural options, which have nearly immediate effect and cause the vaginal muscles to contract. Therefore not just giving instantaneous tight vaginal area, but also increasing the sexual feeling and frequently helping females to have much better sex and more powerful orgasms. These creams and sprays are topical and have to be used just a couple of minutes before a female takes part in sexual relations. Their effect is practically instantaneous, and they are also budget-friendly and perfectly safe.Tight Vagina 19

Such vagina rejuvenation products such as V-tight Gel can be used for a long time, they will always have the same effect consistently and a lot of them, like the V-tight Gel, are distinct and effective mix of herbs, which have been made use for centuries in the standard medicine. Naturally, apart from using fast vagina tightening solutions, a lady can continue doing the Kegel exercises and take a few additional steps in order to maintain the youthfulness of her body. It is important that a healthier diet is adopted, which includes a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, oxidant-rich items, and enough fiber.

The vast majority of men also have confessed that they choose women with tight vaginas. It has been known for a very long time once a woman has managed to strengthen her vaginal muscles by using a fantastic vaginal area renewal product such at V-tight Gel, she is most likely to see the difference immediately. Apart from getting greater control of these muscles, better sex, and intense orgasms are frequently added advantages!

Women should never be dismayed and always know that there are great products like the V-tight Gel that can help them improve the tightness they had when they were younger. As a woman, you want to feel satisfaction during sex Tight Vagina 01and also give your partner satisfaction. Using the V-tight Gel together with the Kegal exercises is the best way to tighten your vagina.

Many who have tried this technique have reported exceptional results and are much happier with their vaginal area tightness and the sensations they can attain during sex.

Remember, there is always hope to maintain your happiness. Never lose faith or give up. V-tight Gel and Kegel exercises are there to give you the tightness you always wanted, and it will keep you and your partner feeling satisfied and happy with sex.