Best Ways to Get a Woman Excited in Bed

Every woman enjoys sex, but not every woman gets to enjoy the act. This is because not every man knows how to get a woman to the place of pleasure, where she enjoys the act just as much as he does. To get your woman to enjoy sex very much, you need to understand her body and work with it. Women need a great deal of foreplay to be aroused. For a man, he is easily aroused merely by seeing a naked woman. For a woman, the build up is gradual. You have to let her build up the excitement slowly. If you dream of giving a woman orgasm she will forever treasure, here are some tips for you.

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You need to stimulate your partner not just physically but mentally and emotionally as well. Unlike many men who get aroused by just a single touch from his partner, women need total stimulation. You can emotionally stimulate your partner by telling her how you feel. Whispering to her your feelings will excite her a lot. Tell her that you want her and tell her that you need her. You can mentally stimulate her by telling her what you are doing or what you plan on doing. Tell her things like ‘I’m going to touch you here and I’m going to caress you there.’ And do these things as you say them even if your statements are in the future tense.

Next is to make her feel you are one with her during the intercourse. Many men fail to do this because they are too focused on getting their own orgasm. Make your partner feel that every movement you make is for the two of you to reach climax. Let her know that every thrust you make is not just for you to feel good but for her to feel the same as well. Ask her from time to time questions like ‘does that feel good?’ or ‘do like that?’ so that you will know how she feels and at the same time make her feel that you care about how she feels.


Another thing that you have to do is spice up your love life. You have to be willing to try new things to keep everything fresh, whether this involves using toys in the bedroom or watching porn. Of course, it is always best to talk to your partner about some of the stuff that you want to try before actually doing it.

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For example, it would not be a good idea to bring home another woman to engage in sexual intercourse with you and her if you have not discussed it beforehand. This is more than likely not the “spice” that you are looking for in your love life. However, if it’s something that you partner is into as well, then it can be a very healthy way to spice up your life.

Knowing how to be good in bed does take time. It is not going to happen overnight. Just remember that most of the time, people like to try something that they have never done before or something that they may view as being “kinky.” This adds to the excitement of your love life and changes things up enough to keep it all fresh.