The 3 Best Sex Positions for Women

Ah, that ever-elusive bedroom secret. Sexual Orgasm! While one may spot it in the wilderness more often than one would a pink hippo, just a slight percentage over the average (57 %) of women do actually climax with every experience as is indicated by the Cosmopolitan magazine and surprisingly, vaginal penetration only gets even scantier.

Nonetheless, is this to say that we should completely forget all about it? Not at all! All that is required is a little practice and a bit of creativity with our frequent /routine sexual positions. If you are one of the women that only read about the climax in romantic novels or just need to get more of the experience, there are a number of positions that will ascertain optimal sexual tension release and to kick off your expedition, herein are 3 Best positions you need to try out:

couple in bed1. Pillow Talk

Who knew that by use of a simple pillow right under your glut, you could entirely revolutionize the typical missionary? Well, for many women, the mention of missionary just seems to stir up the sexual frustrations of having to stare over the shoulders of your partner daydreaming and fantasizing about your next shopping expedition.

Nonetheless, believe it or not, this twist is definitely worth a shot! Assume missionary position and grab yourself the fluffiest of pillows around, then place it under your glut. With this, your body’s entire lower half should get lifted off your bed to enable deeper penetration during your session. To guarantee extra depth, wrap your legs all around your partner. Considering it is slightly harder to orgasm from just penetration, with this position, you have better access to the clit, so you can slowly work on it.

2. The Folding Chair

Yet another twist to the missionary! For this technique, however, get yourself rolling in the missionary position but with your legs stiffened to a fully straight position where your leg are placed on your partner’s shoulders while he is thrusting out and in you. This should give you a feeling of your body bending similar to that a typical folding chair.

If you fell somewhat more flexible, while your legs remain extended, lift them off his shoulders and then direct them to the directiocouplen of your body to the farthest you can get. This will fold the ‘folding chair’ even further. Although rubbing the clitoris may get harder while assuming this position, his pubic bone will nonetheless lean down on your body with more pressure, a definite booster to the much-required friction.

Brace yourself. Why? It is doubtlessly the deepest your partner will ever get inside you! You will be left wondering if his manhood suddenly grew bigger overnight. (It did not).

3. Cowgirl

Nothing beats the feeling of you being on top! You are in total control of every bit of your own pleasure right? Not only can you dictate the thrusting speed, but also his entry depth and most importantly the exact vaginal walls he hits. Go on top, slowly slide onto him and gradually begin moving in a down and up succession.

It is normal to assume a forward leaning when using this technique particularly in such position but try to sit up in a straight manner so as your body assumes a perpendicular position to your partners’ body then lean back.

Why? It allows a greater depth of penetration and allows you easy and simple access to your clitoris for stimulation.

Ensure your torso is elongated to give you a lean and clean look and you will definitely win.

In a nutshell: Which position guarantees you a mind blowing experience? How do you position yourself to get the optimal sexual tension release? When it narrows down to sexual satisfaction, this is what a myriad of researches have shown; you require clitoral stimulation to climax! Not encouraged or suggested but Required! The best techniques that offer you a leeway to experiencing the peak tides of your sexual experience are those that allow clitoral stimulation, or better yet allow you full access to perform the action yourself!

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