2017’s Best Health Tips For Women

Now that it is 2017, a lot of developments within the field of women’s health have been happening. And if you want to become a healthier woman and lead a more fulfilling life, you have got to be aware of these new developments and health practices for women. New discoveries and research into women’s health have

let doctors and patients become more aware of the various specific health needs of a lot of women. If you are someone that is concerned with living a healthier life, then you should focus on following all of these tips. When you do follow these tips, you are sure to be able to improve your health in a number of different ways. This article can also teach you the ways that you can reduce the occurrence of certain kinds of common medical problems that can happen to you. So what are you waiting for? If you want to live fully without any worries about health issues, here are some tips that you can follow.

1. Find the Right Birth Control

woman and doctor

Sex can be great for your health. It is not only enjoyable but it can also lower your stress levels. However, if you want to be safe when you are sexually active you have got to find the birth control method that works for you. For a lot of women, there are two choices going on the pill or using an IUD. Talk to a doctor who can help you out with your choice

s. Your choice of a birth control method can also affect your fertility in the future. So you may want to choose a birth control method that can allow you to choose when and how to have kids if you ever do plan on having children.

2. Familiarize Yourself With Family History

You should also get familiar with the medical history of your family. There are a lot of illnesses that could run in families. For example, if you have got another female relative that has had a history of breast cancer then you are at a higher risk of developing breast cancer yourself.

3. Avoid Too Much Calcium

For many years women have been told to drink a lot of calcium supplements, or health products that contain a lot of that mineral. This is mainly due to the concern of osteoporosis developing in the later life of a lot of women. While calcium is indeed a great supplement for women to take, because it can lead to stronger bones, too much of it can be a bad thing. You can overdose on calcium supplements. And at best it is a waste of nutrients, and at worse, it can lead to health complications. If you drink too many calcium supplements, you could have a higher chance of developing kidney stones. So like with anything else, moderation is integral, when you are trying to take in calcium for your health.

4. Schedule More Rest

woman exercising

Rest is extremely important as part of your body’s normal process. And in today’s hectic life

not a lot of people are getting enough rest at all. In fact, fewer and fewer people are reporting fitful and restful sleep. And more people are suffering from sleep-related issues as insomnia. If you are concerned about your health you should try to schedule more sleep! The old doctor’s adage of at least 8 hours a day is generally true. Adult women should get around the same amount of sleep, which is around six to eight hours of sleep a night. Longer and more restful sleep has been associated with a lower degree of risk with heart disease, and a decreased amount of stress hormones in your body.

5. Think About Genetic Testing

Genetic testing is much faster and cheaper nowadays. So getting your genetics

tested can really help you out when you want to know what kinds of diseases you are at risk of. You can even get yourself some gene test kits through the Internet. There are also companies wherein you can send your DNA to them and have your genes tested as well. It can be a good idea to undergo genetic testing to see what kinds of diseases or illnesses you are at most risk of. And it can help your doctor develop a treatment plan that will work for you.

6. Become More Active

Exercise is still important for a lot of women even in this day and age. Exercise can help you manage stress better, and also improve your cardiovascular system as well. Even light physical activity can improve your health in a number of surprising ways. You could go for a bit of walking an hour a day, and that can have a huge improvement in your health.

7. Start Eating Better

woman and fruits

With all of the dieting and cleanse fads that have passed over the years, a lot of women think that eating better means eating less. But restricting your diet is not actually the best thing that you should do. In fact, you can gain weight if you do not eat regular meals. You can also cause a lot of problems to your health if you do not eat regularly. If you really want to improve your health, you should instead focus on eating the right kinds of foods. This means eating fewer junk foods that are high in carbs and sugars. And instead, try eating healthier foods such as kale and beans!


These are all of the tips that should help you lead a healthier life. As a woman, you should not second guess your health right now. If you want to live to a ripe old age, you have got to focus on improving your lifestyle right now. What you do now with your health can have a significant impact on your body in the future. And if you start leading a healthier life right now, you could actually save yourself a lot of trouble in the future as well. Leading a healthier lifestyle right now can help prevent any further complications and problems with your health from occurring. All of these tips, when you follow them, are going to help you live a healthier and longer life.

What Makes a Woman Sexy?

There are many traits in women, which men find irresistible and sexy. And not all of those traits are physical or sexual. Men can find a number of different things about ladies that are attractive. And you may be a woman who does not have the curviest figure, but if you have got those other traits, then you could still be very attractive to a lot of women. In fact, if you are a lady, who wants to be attractive to men, you can work on developing these traits yourself. You would find that these traits are going to help you snag the guy of your dreams.

1. A Sense of Humor

Men find women that know how to laugh really attractive. If a lady knows how to have a sense of humor, then it is a guarantee that guys are going to find her more attractive. Cracking a joke, or laughing at a good one would put any man at ease. And it would be even better if you know how to share a joke with your guy friends. This is because knowing how to laugh or make a joke could allow the guys to know that you are somebody how knows when to relax.

One way that ladies can develop a sense of humor is to know how to tell jokes. Guys love being made to laugh. And if you know how to crack a joke at the right time, then you are sure to make your guy friends more attracted to you. Knowing how to laugh at certain jokes is also an important trait for women. This is because men would appreciate ladies that laugh at their jokes. You can really boost the egos of some men if you laugh at some of their jokes that they would tell you.

2. Adventurous Attitude

woman in mountainWomen that have got a really strong sense of adventure is also another trait that men would find sexy. This is because most guys love the fact that a girl is willing to experience new things or try out new activities. You should not be afraid to get outside of your comfort zone if you want to attract the man of your dreams. It would be better to have a willingness to experience new adventures, especially if you want to appear sexier to men. Guys would be falling all over adventurous girls, as men love women who are willing to try out new things with them.

Adventurous women are also more willing to try out new things in bed. And most guys would recognize that particular trait in a lot of women. Men would prefer women who are more willing to try out new experiences during sex because men are naturally more sexually adventurous. So if you want to appear irresistible to your current romantic partner, you have got to show them that you are up for new kinds of experiences in bed. They are going to appreciate the fact that you are open to new sexual experiences.

3. Independence

coupleMen also love women that are independent. This is because guys actually are attracted to ladies that show that they are willing to stand on their own. Clinginess and over-dependence are actually turn-offs for most guys. This is because independence is a sign of maturity. And most men would actually prefer to date women that are independent and mature. If you are a lady that wants to show guys that you are someone that is worth dating, you have got to show them that you are a mature woman that is independent.

Independence is also a turn-on for most guys because it would show that the two people in the relationship are on equal standing. If you are someone that is not strong or independent, it would not be sexy for either of you in the relationship. In fact, guys would steadily lose their interest in women who show that they are not as independent or mature as they seem. Ladies have got to lear n how to stand on their own if they actually want to be attractive to any guys that they know.

4. Great Smile and Laugh

woman smilingA lady that has a great smile and a nice sounding laugh are going to be huge turn-ons for any guy. This is because a smile says a lot about a person. And if a guy sees that a woman has got a genuine smile, then they are going to very attracted to that particular woman. If you are a woman, who wants to have a better sex appeal, you have got to practice on having a more genuine smile. A genuine and open smile is going to be a huge invitation to any guy that you are attracted to. And you would find it easier to snag the man of your dreams if you have a great smile, and a nice laugh to back your smile up with as well.

The 8 Best Types of Underwear for Women

woman in underwearIt is not only women that wear underwear – men wear it, too. However, the style and design of how they are made make it different. For ladies, it is best that they choose the right underwear to wear. It is because of this reason that there are different styles of underwear made by some of the most popular underwear designers of the world.

1. Mesh Bikini

The founding editor of Lucky, Kim France, she finds the mesh bikini to be the greatest and wonders why everyone else opts for a different design. It is super light, very breathable and even very resistant against VPL. It is as resistant like that of a thong, but minus the annoying part of the thong.

2. Amber Rose’s Thong

One thing that most women avoid is buying expensive stuff. Expensive can be subjective, but expensive thongs can be a huge no-no to some females. However, here is what experts would like to share with you, ladies of all ages out there: it gives you a different feeling of self-confidence when you wear something expensive, especially when it’s a thong. It provides you this kind of confidence in a cooler way.

3. Cotton Bikini

A cotton bikini gives your bum a different feel. Unlike a pair of thongs that give you that boost in self-confidence, wearing cotton bikini makes you feel relaxed and calm. Many women shared their stories about how they had sleep over and wore the cotton bikini all the time.

4. Wedgie-free Bikini

There are women that prefer functionality and comfort over fancy. They are seamless undies in which it creates that very flawless fit, which is why it got its name as wedgie-free. Everything that looks on this underwear is perfect, which led to many girls thinking if they are wearing silk cami dress or leggings.

5. Lace boy shorts

lace shortsThese boy shorts with the detailed ornamental design on the laces are very comfortable and soft. This is perfect for those who do not wish to see any panty line on their skin!

6. Microfiber thong

Like many underwear manufacturers, this particular design is seamless and is available in various colors and sizes. Many women find these pair of microfiber thongs forgetful – in a way, that makes you think that you almost aren’t wearing anything.

7. G-string

thongAnother favorite style of women these days is the G-string. Of the most popular material choice, it is the cotton. They usually sit higher and generally makes any wearer feel and look good. It is also perfect for nighttime, but the brand of choice affects this style as ladies prefer to go with what makes them comfortable. It will affect the quality of their sleep, too.

8. Hi-waist Cotton

The high-waist cotton makes every wearer feel like they are brought back to the days of Christy Turlington, an American supermodel that first represented Eternity campaign from Calvin Klein back in 1989. Oftentimes, the hi-waist underwear is very comfy, but its cut can be very unflattering. However, experts state that today it resonates with women. The aesthetic is really beautiful, not to mention its cut is unconventional and flattering.

The 3 Best Sex Positions for Women

Ah, that ever-elusive bedroom secret. Sexual Orgasm! While one may spot it in the wilderness more often than one would a pink hippo, just a slight percentage over the average (57 %) of women do actually climax with every experience as is indicated by the Cosmopolitan magazine and surprisingly, vaginal penetration only gets even scantier.

Nonetheless, is this to say that we should completely forget all about it? Not at all! All that is required is a little practice and a bit of creativity with our frequent /routine sexual positions. If you are one of the women that only read about the climax in romantic novels or just need to get more of the experience, there are a number of positions that will ascertain optimal sexual tension release and to kick off your expedition, herein are 3 Best positions you need to try out:

couple in bed1. Pillow Talk

Who knew that by use of a simple pillow right under your glut, you could entirely revolutionize the typical missionary? Well, for many women, the mention of missionary just seems to stir up the sexual frustrations of having to stare over the shoulders of your partner daydreaming and fantasizing about your next shopping expedition.

Nonetheless, believe it or not, this twist is definitely worth a shot! Assume missionary position and grab yourself the fluffiest of pillows around, then place it under your glut. With this, your body’s entire lower half should get lifted off your bed to enable deeper penetration during your session. To guarantee extra depth, wrap your legs all around your partner. Considering it is slightly harder to orgasm from just penetration, with this position, you have better access to the clit, so you can slowly work on it.

2. The Folding Chair

Yet another twist to the missionary! For this technique, however, get yourself rolling in the missionary position but with your legs stiffened to a fully straight position where your leg are placed on your partner’s shoulders while he is thrusting out and in you. This should give you a feeling of your body bending similar to that a typical folding chair.

If you fell somewhat more flexible, while your legs remain extended, lift them off his shoulders and then direct them to the directiocouplen of your body to the farthest you can get. This will fold the ‘folding chair’ even further. Although rubbing the clitoris may get harder while assuming this position, his pubic bone will nonetheless lean down on your body with more pressure, a definite booster to the much-required friction.

Brace yourself. Why? It is doubtlessly the deepest your partner will ever get inside you! You will be left wondering if his manhood suddenly grew bigger overnight. (It did not).

3. Cowgirl

Nothing beats the feeling of you being on top! You are in total control of every bit of your own pleasure right? Not only can you dictate the thrusting speed, but also his entry depth and most importantly the exact vaginal walls he hits. Go on top, slowly slide onto him and gradually begin moving in a down and up succession.

It is normal to assume a forward leaning when using this technique particularly in such position but try to sit up in a straight manner so as your body assumes a perpendicular position to your partners’ body then lean back.

Why? It allows a greater depth of penetration and allows you easy and simple access to your clitoris for stimulation.

Ensure your torso is elongated to give you a lean and clean look and you will definitely win.

In a nutshell: Which position guarantees you a mind blowing experience? How do you position yourself to get the optimal sexual tension release? When it narrows down to sexual satisfaction, this is what a myriad of researches have shown; you require clitoral stimulation to climax! Not encouraged or suggested but Required! The best techniques that offer you a leeway to experiencing the peak tides of your sexual experience are those that allow clitoral stimulation, or better yet allow you full access to perform the action yourself!

To learn more about orgasm, you can visit this page.

The Best Lubes For Your Vagina – Tips for Women

Perhaps every woman who cares about her health and fitness would find this piece about the best lube for the vagina helpful. It can help you in identifying which one out of the many out there is best for your body or why it might be necessary for you to use it. To cut the crap, it is highly indisputable that you might be in the best position to have the knowledge about your vagina and how capable it is to produce enough lube you will ever need during sex. However, do you also know that not everyone has the same type of privates as you? What pain do you think those without sufficient vagina lube face? They go through miseries such as irritation, pain, lack of confidence in having sex and if care is not taken, they end up developing a phobia for sex – that is Gynophobia. You will baffle at the statistics of women suffering from this and how they are likely to feel about sex at old age.

Now can you see why this article might be of great help to the womanhood? Can you see why you should understand the need for the best vagina lube?

The good news is all the things I’ve mentioned above have a simple solution – a lube. Yes, you heard me right!

When Does Vagina Lubrication Occur in Women?

First, lubrication most of the time occurs in women during sexual activities which come about as a result of sexual excitement and arousal. The amount of lubricant produced during this time differs from women to women. In some women, there might be a reduction in this amount due to either breastfeeding or post menopause and perimenopause. At times, it could also be as a result of dehydration or inability to become fully aroused during sex.

To get lube, you can walk into any drugstore in your area or get it online from sex-related websites.

Why You May Need it?

There are different reasons for buying lube ranging from having vaginal sex with a partner or during masturbation. Apart from these, it can also be helpful for:

  • For enhancing your sexual arousal by aiding the free flow of blood to the Vulva, and this, in turn, will aid the vagina in producing its own lube.
  • Reducing the pain in the body as a result of friction.
  • Getting better taste during oral sex.
  • The elasticity and softness of the vagina.
  • Enhancing your sexual satisfaction and easy reach of orgasm.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Vagina Lubes

womanNow you’ve fully understood the need for the lube, and you’re curious to get one for yourself. What factors to consider when choosing lube?

There are two crucial factors you need to know to get the best vagina lube. The two things are your health and pleasure.

As regards to your health, consider what is safe for you to use that will not have a side effect on your health. For your pleasure, consider going for what will make your sexual activity more pleasant and lasting longer but will also not leave your body with irritation.


What are the Different Types?

The different types of vagina lube that you can find out there include silicone lubricants, Water-based lubricants, and petroleum or oil-based lubricants. The Water-based is sub-divided into Water-based with Glycerin and Water-based without Glycerin. Each of these types above is not without their pros and cons but what is most important is, whichever one you go for, check the ingredients and make sure it will not cause any damage to you or your partner. In all, be cautious about your safety and health.


I am certain you must have gained one or two things from my article. Now you are good to go ahead and start getting the best vagina lube for your maximum sexual pleasure. But don’t forget to go for the best and make your priority your health and safety.

Thanks for reading my article. To read more about women’s health then you can go here: https://www.vwhcare.com

What’s Better, Natural Birth or Caesarean Section?

As an expecting mother, you have the power to choose how to deliver a baby. Some women today are opting for Caesarean sections, but there are those who feel that the best and the safest way is to deliver is a natural way, so which one is better, natural or Caesarean sections?

Both options have their risks and advantages, but your ultimate goal as an expectant mother is to deliver a healthy baby before you even think about managing pain. Therefore, in this post, we will try to compare the two delivery methods in terms of what better for you and for the baby to help come up with the right decision.

Let’s Talk About Natural Births

Natural birth involves no medication; a mother listens to her body, from labor, with the cervix dilating and ends with a newborn.

Advantage of natural birth

To the mother

baby in hospitalFrom the psychological viewpoint, women who have undergone through vaginal delivery method get a sense of accomplishment. Also, women who deliver through the natural method are said to have more positive birth experience; they often have that feeling of empowerment that they actively participated in the process, not to mention, your partner can also be involved in the process.

It’s not to say that those who goes through the C-Section won’t, but a sense of accomplishment after delivery can speed up the bonding process. Another advantage is that mother who delivers through vaginal delivery have a shorter recovery time that those who goes for C-section which also means fewer hospital bills.

To the child

Natural birth techniques are not invasive, which means that there are fewer chances of a harming a baby of him or her having health issues such as respiratory diseases, asthma, lactose intolerance and much more associated with C-section.

Disadvantages of Natural Birth

To the mother

There is a risk that the skin and tissue around the vagina will tear or stretch and the fetus move through the canal after a natural birth. If this happens, there will be a lot of health issue like an inability to control urine or Bowel. There are also chances that a woman will experience lingering pain in between the anus and the vagina.

To the baby

If the mother has a long labor or the baby is a little large, then there is a risk of the child being injured during birth, they can have a bruised scalp or may be a fractured collarbone. The baby also faces the risk of oxygen deprivation.


Getting into Caesarean Sections (C-section)

C-section can be planned for medical reasons, but it is also considered elective.

Advantages of C-section

To the mother

The main advantage is that the mother won’t have to endure long hours of labor since C-section can be scheduled when one want to get birth. There is also a decreased risk of Pelvic floor injury and shock caused by loss of blood.

To the baby

If the baby is large or maybe you have twins, C-section may be the best method of delivery. C-section decreases the risks of passing infections such as STD and HIV to the child.

Disadvantages of C-section

familyTo the mother

Just like any major surgery, there are risk and complication that you might expect; this includes heart attack, blood clots, and others. There are also possibilities that you won’t be able to opt vaginal birth in future. Having a C-Sections also means delaying your ability to breastfeed and bonding with the baby.

To the baby

Some baby will experience health problems like respiratory problems, but scientific research has indicated that these risks are small.

So which is a better option? Well, it is all up to you to decide which one works best for you and your child. It all goes with your personal circumstances, but the best place to start when making such a decision is to talk to your doctor.

For more reference, you can check these articles out:





5 Most Popular Beauty Trends For Women

The new year brings a fresh start to a brand new range of beauty trends which everyone will surely fall in love with. We enter a new world of possibilities for the beauty community as we welcome 2018 with open arms. You can look forward to a whirlwind of amazing up and coming trends which will surely keep you looking beautiful all throughout the year. There are so many exciting new beauty trends that will take the beauty community by storm. If you want to learn about the latest makeup and hair craze, this post will be able to help you.

Let’s take a look into the Most Popular Beauty Trends for Women Today

Softer Contouring

Although 2017 has been the year of contouring for the beauty community, it wouldn’t be as popular this year. Instead, you should choose a softer strobe like contouring method which looks more natural. Harsh contouring isn’t going to be a trend this year. If you want to stay on top of your game, opt for wearing a natural shade of blush instead which will achieve a baby face appearance.

Berry Lips

red lipsSince the holiday season is over, dark red vampy lips are no longer in this new year. Berry is the newest trending lip color which you should have in your makeup collection. There are various types of berry shades to choose from and it’s important to find out which best suits your skin tone. You can go for a blue toned shade which will make your teeth look whiter or brown toned shades for a more sophisticated look.


Softer Eyebrows

female eyesThis 2018, harsh looking brows that look drawn in are no longer trendy. You can finally say goodbye to your stencils and dark shades of eyebrow pencils. Instead, learn to embrace the more natural look of untamed brows which looks very sexy. To achieve this look, you will only be needing a spoolie brush and a clear brow gel. Then, use a light colored brow powder to fill in any gaps that need to be filled.

Messy Curls

white girlLast year, everyone went crazy for the look of messy natural looking curls. However, those soft waves would no longer be on trend this year. Instead, it has been replaced with more messy curls which looks uneven and completely undone. Voluminous hair will be the ultimate trend to look out for this year. Use a sea salt spray to add texture to your hair. Then, blow dry or air dry your hair to achieve the 70s look of big messy hair.

Volumized Lashes

In terms of lashes, you shouldn’t only look for mascaras which offer length. Instead, make sure that it also provides you the right amount of volume to achieve flirtatious look lashes. Whether you want to only wear mascara or you want to wear false eyelashes, keep in mind that it should provide you long and volumized lashes. Don’t be afraid to try new mascaras or new styles of falsies since this year is all about the big and bold eyelash trend.

And, for more information about other lady issues, please feel free to head to our home page.

Does Too Much Sexual Intercourse Really Loosen Up The Vagina?

Discussions about sex and relationships are always fascinating. While many people find it difficult to openly talk about their sexuality, they are curious to find the answers to the many myths that surround the idea of sex.

One of the hot topics has always been about the link between a loose vagina and too much sex. Many people think that the vagina is tightest when a lady is a virgin and that it gets looser and looser as she starts to have sex frequently.

Does too much sex loosen your vagina?

holding newbornFirst of all, it is a fact that every woman is different. Every vagina is different too. Just like penises, vaginas come in different sizes. This explains why some women find large penises very pleasurable while others find them very painful. The fact that a woman can accommodate a larger member does not necessarily mean she has had more sex. She may have had a larger vagina to begin with. We can’t fault her for that!

The vagina is by nature highly elastic and is always expanding and contracting. The vagina will become naturally “loose” when a woman is sexually aroused in preparation for intercourse. However, after sex, it tightens and goes back to its normal state. More sex does not make it any “looser.”

There is no scientific link between cavernous vaginas and too much sex. In fact, the vagina is not the only part of the body that is optimized to expand and contract. Stuffing too much food into your mouth cannot make the mouth loose even if you do it many times in a day!

What Actually Causes The Vagina to Get Loose?

There are factors that can cause the vagina to become loose that have nothing to do with having sex. Here are some of them:

old lady1. Vaginal childbirth

Childbirth stretches the vagina a great deal. Let’s face it. The woman is pushing a 6-10 pound creature through her vagina. But the good news is that it does re-tighten completely post-partum, especially in young women. These are women in their early twenties or late teens.

But there are is an exception to this. After multiple births, even the vagina of a young woman may not fully contract.

For women who give birth later in their lives, they may not be as lucky. The rigors of late childbearing combined with the aging of the vaginal muscles may lead to permanent looseness. A woman who gives birth past the age of 30 is likely to experience persistent looseness.

2. Aging

Aging causes contractions of vaginal muscles to weaken which makes the vagina loose. This is very common in middle aged women or those in menopause. In addition to a loose vagina, aging can also lead to vaginal dryness as estrogen levels continue to drop.

How do you tighten your vagina?

Kegel exercises

This is one of the most popular natural methods. This is done by squeezing the internal pelvic muscles. When you visit the bathroom, try and stop yourself in the middle of peeing. When you squeeze the pelvic muscles, you will end up strengthening your vaginal walls as well. Perform the Kegel exercises several times a day for 9-11 weeks.


Bottom line

Although a woman’s vagina becomes looser with time, it is not as a result of how much sex she has had. So don’t judge women, or men for that matter, harshly because of the size of their genitalia. Learn to enjoy your body just the way it is.

A Modern Review of the Karma Sutra: Does it Really Work?

ancient book relationshipsYou may have heard of it as just being about the sex positions. You might have heard about it from your friends who have said, “Hey man, go try out these sex positions from the Karma Sutra. They’re intense.” Whichever way that you have heard about the karma sutra, you may perceive it as being another sex manual to do weird and fun sex positions with your partner.

This is not entirely true.

In this article, we are going to go through what karma sutra is, and whether this ancient text manual does work in any shape or form.

So What is Karma Sutra?

For those who do not understand, Karma Sutra is a way of life. The book is based on how to live a gracious life and the kind of relationships that you have with your wife and your family.

There are topics that are discussed in the book such as family, relationships and the nature of love. This book also addresses the pleasure oriented faculties of human life. This is partly why this book discusses sex because sex is considered to be a major pleasure faculty of life, especially for a male.

That’s great and all, but how do these topics on relationships, family, and faculties fit into how to have better sex with my partner?

Clearly, there are a lot of men who have been too busy finding Karma Sutra porn videos on Porn Hub or You Porn to understand this. Karma Sutra is about living a great life; having sex is part of living a great life.

What people have to understand here is that Karma Sutra teaches you about all aspects of life, not just the ones that are involved in the bedroom. Once you have understood that properly, then you can get to the meanings of the text overall.


What’s Contained in this Book?

sex positions chartHere are the seven sections which are in the book.

  1. General remarks about life e.g. family, relationships, acquisition of knowledge.
  2. Amorous Advances/Sexual Union. This is the chapter that teaches you to make love. Has 64 sex positions.
  3. Acquiring a wife.
  4. Duties and privileges of a wife.
  5. Other men’s lives.
  6. About Courtesans.
  7. Occult Lovers.

What Have other People said about the Book?

two girls reading bookPeople have said that the book’s lessons do work. However, many have said that for the Karma Sutra to work, this requires the man to understand the books teachings such as knowledge of a female partner’s pleasures and how to communicate with women in a certain way. The man has to also understand that the woman will never be satisfied until they give it to them in the form of pleasure, the woman will never be satisfied.

On the other hand, the woman has to understand that this is not a book about submission. This is about receiving pleasure and learning how to have a great relationship with a man and the family.

Final Verdict

The Karma Sutra clearly works. It is a great guide for men and women to have a better relationship with not just each other, but with other people. It requires a lot of understanding of the teachings, but once you understand the teachings, the Karma Sutra comes to life.

Pregnancy, Are There Short Term and Long Term Effects?

The idea of getting pregnant is great, especially if you are expecting your first child. However, the joy Is often short-lived when you start to experience the effects of pregnancy. To women, pregnancy comes with a lot of transformations, be it body wise, psychological wise, social wise or emotional wise. Sometimes, these changes may bounce back on you. In this article, we are going to be looking at the short term and long term effects of pregnancy. Enjoy Reading.


Top 3 Long term effects

1. Bladder dropping

In women, the vaginal walls tend to be supported by the bladder. During childbirth, it happens that a lot of stress is put on the wall and this tends to cause long term damage. The vaginal wall is expected to cave back with time, but this may not always be the case as, at times, the bladder can drop into the vagina.

pregnant-woman-in-blue2. Varicose veins

When veins are subjected to high pressure or weight for long terms, they tend to constrict, enlarge or get gnarled. This abnormal change is what is called varicose veins. Varicose veins mostly affect the legs and feet. As a result of heavy pregnancy, one may end up having mild to severe varicose veins.

3. High blood pressure

Pregnancies often come with a lot of emotions. These range from happy moods to sad feelings. In addition to that, the pregnancy may cause fats to be deposited on the veins, and this can result in high blood pressure.

Top 3 Short term effects

1. Stretch marks

Stretch marks have resulted from regular expansion and contraction of the skin. When you carry the pregnancy, your skin tends to be stretched to the limits. After the pregnancy is over, you may realize that you have stretch marks. With proper nutrition and care, they can be eradicated.

pregnant-woman-lying-down2. Cavities and osteoporosis- loss dental and bone calcium

Pregnancy calls for the formation of a newborn. As a result, mothers tend to be drained off essential elements from their body. Women are advised to take calcium rich foods like bone soup. At times, this may not be readily available. The body is subjected to derive the nutrients from the mother, and this may end up causing cavities and osteoporosis. Taking calcium-rich foods may reverse this condition.

3. Weight gain and redistribution

There has always been thought a relationship to exist between pregnancy and weight gain. Since women are advised to take nutritious foods, the body may end up putting reserves. Besides that, a woman who is expectant happens to take in more food owing to the constant demand from the growing baby. These reserves typically come as fat and adipose tissues. This, in turn, results in a general increase in size and weight distribution.


The Bottom Line

It’s true that’s pregnancy can cause some long term and short term side effects. However, there is no clear cut as to whether one will get the side effects or not. Most of the pregnancy side effects can be avoided. It’s always advised you keep consulting your doctor during and after your pregnancy as they will recommend what’s right for you.