My V-Tight Gel Review – Looking for the Best Vaginal Tightening Cream

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There are a lot of “reviews”  for V tight gel out there, but what do you believe ?  Is the best All Natural Vagina Tightening Gel actually V-tight ? We set out to compare the two leading tightening gels and was surprised to learn that one product was clearly better than the other.  So please, before you buy either product read my review first. Here is my personal experience and review of V-Tight Gel vs  Amaira Natural Tightening and Lubricating Serum.

If you have experienced a loosening in the vaginal area, you have probably already started looking into what are the available options and read some reviews about cost effective, but natural remedies. For me personally, I wanted to , ahem … tighten my pussy naturally. The truth is we are talking about one of our most private parts and I did not want to buy a low quality product that was not completely safe and natural. Preferably it also had to work fairly fast, and have  a lasting effect.

I read a number of “honest” V-Tight gel reviews which all said it was the best product on the market. While I appreciate the information in these reviews, I wasn’t convinced they were unbiased. I read as many glowing reviews for the Amaira product, ( which is actually described as a Serum and has quite a lot of science behind it ) as well which did seem to have a more realistic ring to them. Still, I wanted to try both products out for myself. Since both manufacturers claim the ingredients are all natural, and they have a money-back guarantee, I went ahead and purchased them both.


The Real Question – Does V-Tight Gel Actually Work ?

As V-tight had the most reviews, I started with it first. Below is my personal experience with the V-Tight program – including what I liked, and what I didn’t like. Following is my first-hand experience with the heavily marketed product, V-Tight gel. You are reading this because you are seriously considering purchasing this type of vaginal tightening cream so this is a chance to get some actual facts and personal experiences about it.

Does this cream actually live up to the marketing hype ?

Woman thinking

After I had my first child, I experienced what many mom’s warn you about after childbirth – a loose vagina. I began to lose my confidence. There seemed to be a lot less feeling during vaginal intercourse, and I just didn’t feel sexy in bed like I once did. Naturally, since my husband is a nice guy, he didn’t say much about this but he knew I was feeling insecure. I have many older girlfriends that are having the same issues so there is all different ages of women with concerns about a loose vagina.

After months of Googling questions such as “how to tighten your vagina” or “how to shrink you vaginal walls” (read more) – I was motivated to start researching and try to find a real solution.

At the outset I researched a number of vagina rejuvenation treatments, tablets, pills, and other products, which most reviews said did not work or worked to a small degree. They didn’t honestly appear to be that effective or produce any lasting results, if any at all, and it was a little sad to hear of so many women feeling so anxious and worried about possibly having a stretched vagina.

After checking out many reviews and testimonials, I chose to try the two most popular creams or gels for myself and see if they actually work the way the websites says they do. So here is my real-life experience and my opinion as to whether they did work and which one was the most effective.

So What Happened When I Tried V-Tight Gel vs Amaira Tightening Serum?

Firstly the websites offer a free trial deal, and also claim a money-back guarantee. This allowed me to try the v tight gel and the Amaira Tightening Serum knowing that if I did not like them I could return them and get my money back.

For many women with tight budgets, refunds are an important part of a purchase decision, particularly when trying something new, and I appreciated the risk-free trial offer.

One of my important requirements was that the gel worked FAST. Looking at it practically, I did not want to have to apply the product hours out from having sex. Just takes a little away from being spontaneous. The V – Tight Gel was Disappointing here as it took quite a bit longer to feel any effect, where as the Amaira Tightening Serum seemed to work within minutes of using it. I felt tighter, and believe i could really feel the difference.

Considering that i was able to have sex within a couple of minutes of using the Amaira Serum, this was the first significant advantage. And as I felt more confident and a bit more sexy – I took it for a good test run ( smiley face ). The other interesting aspect was the packaging claims it can help lubricate as well.

I really liked that the Amaira product worked so quickly and I could apply it so close to having intercourse. When you are feeling in the mood, or as importantly when hubby is, you can apply it just a couple of minutes before and KNOW With Confidence that you will feel good about yourself and feel more intensity and friction “down there.”  It definitely was a better sexual experience. Maybe it was just knowing I had applied a product to be tighter, and it may be psychological, but if it works, it works.

I have to be honest here, I also did do some early preparation for this review as in the longer term I wanted to have a consistent approach for my problem. I started with the V tight kegel exercise program, as well as eating and dieting to further help so that accompanied with the vaginal tightening cream I would have the best outcome.

One thing I didn’t like ( at first ) was that both these products are only available online. Considering that I was a little embarrassed about my mission to test products to tighten my vagina, I was concerned about the privacy factor. What I didn’t want was a big box of vag tightening cream showing up on my front porch and my kids or my neighbor picked it up to bring inside.

Thankfully, when I purchased the products both the Amaira and the V-Tight gel companies are very aware of this issue and they were mailed in a discreet, generic package marked for my attention.

The other aspect that you realise is how long does the feeling of tightness last?  Sometimes I didn’t really feel as tight after I had sex. After a few hours, I did feel a little vaginal looseness.  This was the most noticeable with the V Tight Gel product not lasting as long. I found I had to reapply V-tight gel a few times. The Amaira Serum did seem to last longer and if I did reapply it, it worked just as well as the first time.

So what is the cost of these products?  It varied a little as they do run specials but Amaira tightening serum was a little cheaper at around $35.00 and V Tight gel was a bit more expensive.  This is a pretty small amount of money to risk with this trial and to be honest, I would be happy spending $35 – $45.00 if I could get the results that would improve how I felt about my sex life.

One thing here about the payment process that I found annoying. The V Tight Gel order page required all of my personal details Before showing me the price. This should be the other way around. The Amaira website had all the product information clearly laid and the price to buy right at the top of the page in bold capitals. As I was doing a review I did continue to order both but that did leave me a little uneasy with the V-tight Gel order process.

I think it is important to be realistic here though, I think it definitely helps to use the gel with a broader exercise routine. The kegel exercise program has actually given me quite good results that will work longer.  If you use both the Amaira Serum and vaginal exercises together, I can honestly say this product will work over time.

So here is the core of the issue. Are the tightening products a quick fix – OR – can they have longer lasting results if you use the entire program? The creams themselves have a somewhat temporary effect and are quite fast-acting, but it also fades a little bit over time.  So the answer is to do both, use the tightening serum and do the exercises and eat well.

My advice is if you apply the gel consistently and combine it up with the kegel exercises, a better natural diet and other tips that are mentioned on the website, then you can achieve a more permanent result.

The Verdict –  Amaira Tightening Serum is the better product over V-tight Gel

woman thinking of the review

In my opinion, after trialing both these products personally, and reading through many of the reviews and testimonials I would say that the Amaira Serum is definitely the better product. It felt better when I applied it, had more of a sensual feel and lasted longer. I listed in more detail the all natural products used like Manjakani extract from their website below.

Everyone is different so I have added details about both products below.

I would have to add this though, after talking to a number of other women in my research, if you can afford genital surgery such as vaginoplasty and are willing to accept the risks, then this has a very good rate of success.  Well worth doing if you have a big budget.

Alternatively, if you don’t have the extra money or are worried about the side effects of surgery, then I recommend giving the Amaira All Natural Tightening Serum a try, more so than the V-tight gel. In my opinion, the serum did have a positive change on my vaginal looseness, and their money-back guarantee does let you try it risk-free. The cash back offer was worthwhile and it did influence me to try it out.

Now this is also very important, my husband said that he thought my vagina felt tighter after I applied the Amaira cream, more so that the V-tight Gel.  This is of course subjective but it also influenced me. The other thing to mention is that the gels were not messy to use, and won’t ruin your sheets. Because they are a water-based lubricant it doesn’t leave any stains.

My suggestion is to give the Amaira serum a try if you want to make a change and feel sexier. If you’re not fully satisfied, then there’s no damage done since you can just return it.

Be careful with buying online – make sure you get this product straight from the original manufacturer as this is the best way to be 100% assured of quality and the returns policy.

Amaira Vaginal Tightening

Serum with Manjakani Extract

  • Restores vaginal strength and tightness
  • Odor free and will not cause itchiness
  • Supports natural lubrication and eliminates vaginal dryness
  • Plant-based ingredients safe for sensitive skin
  • Made in the USA in an FDA-licensed facility
  • Proven results with a 60-day money back guarantee
  • Shipped free in the US


The background on the V Tight Products

v-tight gel in threes

V-Tight gel and Amaira Tightening Serum were developed with the overall goal of improving women’s confidence and sexual performance, in an affordable and convenient way. Before these type of Vagina related products were available, the options for tightening the vagina included many hours of special exercise or expensive and possibly risky surgery such as vaginoplasty. This left thousands of women with very limited choices and stressed about either paying thousands of dollars in surgery and the risk that entails, or just living with their condition.

The developers of Amaira and V-Tight gel products realized there was a need in the market and developed self-administered creams that were very affordable, and more importantly, a more natural solution to the vaginal looseness problem. In the last few years, these products have become widely used and improved the sex lives and confidence of many women.

The manufacturers say that the main goal of the product was to ensure that both men and women are satisfied with their sex lives. They’re reasoning is that if women feel they have a tighter vagina, then this makes them more confident and fulfilled during sex. In return, this improved firmness of their vagina will be able to bring more pleasure to not just the woman in the relationship, but for the man as well. This leads to a more enjoyable sex life, and results in a happier couple overall.

People sometimes shrug off the importance of sex in a relationship. Many studies show it is critical to the happiness of the couple, and these products are designed to help by providing affordable and easy to apply solutions. These products help women get their sexual desire back.

What Other People Thought of  Amaira Tightening Serum and V-Tight Gel :

There are many thousands of women trying tightening creams every day. People are genuinely surprised that a product that can be effective and natural but does not cost a great deal.  Have a read.

Amaira All Natural Vagina Tightening Serum Information and Personal Reviews :


Rediscover True Intimacy | Restore Vaginal Strength and Natural Lubrication

From the Amaira website :

  • Made from plant-based, natural ingredients
  • Uses advanced Manjakani extract made from real Oak Galls, not powder
  • Restores vaginal strength and tightness
  • Made in the USA in an FDA-licensed facility.
  • Odor free and will not cause itchiness
  • Supports natural lubrication and eliminates vaginal dryness
  • Improves elasticity, sensation and arousal
  • Safe for all skin types and sensitive skin
  • Works in genital areas of both men and women
  • No harsh chemicals, perfumes or parabens
  • Cruelty-free | Not tested on animals
  • Proven results with a 60-day money back guarantee


You can achieve a tighter and healthier vagina. Get the intimate support you need to live a better life in and out of the bedroom.

THIS PRODUCT IS AMAZING “It does exactly as it states on the box! It is unscented so there is no irritation. I really felt a difference and so did my husband. Would recommend for anyone that has had kids or needs a natural tightening product!”
Customer Username: Misty Moore


How Does Amaira Natural Tightening Gel Work?

The advanced formula tightening gel works by using natural ingredients to reshape, firm and tighten your vaginal walls. The gel is most effective for women with vaginal problems such as:

  • Vaginal dryness
  • Lack of elasticity
  • Vaginal looseness
  • Vaginal itchiness or irritation
  • Unpleasant odors or discharge

The gel uses herbal compounds that are proven to increase the strength and health of vaginal walls, and have been used by Eastern European and Asian cultures for centuries as a natural remedy for vaginal issues. The gel is safe for all skin types, and you can have intercourse immediately after use.

THIS IS THE BEST PRODUCT OUT THERE “I was hesitant to order this product at first since I’ve tried a few other popular options and didn’t notice anything different. The first time I use this cream I noticed a difference right away and felt my vaginal walls start to tighten. There’s a cool tingling sensation that you start to feel within minutes and that’s how you know it’s starting to work. This beats the other stuff on the market.”
Customer Username: Lola Sanchez

V-Tight Gel Reviews :

Here are some of the, ahem… ” personal reviews ” I found online that seemed a little over the top

jessica testimonial
Jessica, 38

“I Could not believe his reaction: My name is Jessica and I am here to tell you about the life-changing results I had with this product. Sounds dramatic I know. But just listen. I met my husband in college, got married at the age of 27, and had two magnificent children. I was always very comfortable with my body, however, age and the birth of my two children left my vagina feeling loose. I thought it would return back to the normal tightness that I was used to, but to my disappointment it did not. My husband clearly noticed the change and I felt absolutely no desire to become intimate. I searched around for cures and decided that the only thing I would use is a natural treatment since I don’t like putting chemicals in my body. This is when I stumbled upon V-Tight gel. I saw that it was rated as the number one natural vaginal tightening cream, so decided to try it. I ordered the product without my husband knowing, and tried it out in secret. The next sex I had with him was incredible. It was like we were in college again. I have continued to use this product and get the same results every time. I’m sold on this and will be a customer for life now.”

amanda testimonial
Amanda, 36

“I would like to share my shocking results with you. I gotta admit. I did NOT expect this. My name is Amanda and I have always been the so-called “health nut” that eats right and exercises every day. I feel like I’ve aged well, except for one area of my body. That was my vagina. I tried pelvic thrusts, vaginal exercises, and even certain foods, but none of those corrected the root problem, which was my vaginal walls being stretched out after having kids. My doctor recommended all these prescription products that would cost me around 300 dollars a month. I was determined to find a cheaper alternative, which is why I first tried V-Tight gel. I was embarrassed about my situation, which made me dread ordering the product online. However, to my surprise, they delivered the product in a generic brown box. Even better was the results I got when I used the product. It made me feel sexy, aroused, and tight. I never thought a natural product could do that! I have used this product for over a year now and I still am so grateful I found this product when I did.”

nancy testimonial
Nancy, 39

“I’m pretty skeptical, so wasn’t sure about all the hype around this product. I had my son when I was 32, and afterwards, I always had this insecure feeling about sex. I actually had nightmares about my partner commenting on the looseness of my vagina and laughing. I knew that I needed to fix this problem so I talked to a couple of my close friends. A few of them had gotten surgeries and had horror stories so I knew that wasn’t the route for me. So all I could do was go online and pray that I could find a product that worked. I came across various creams and gels, but V Tight was the one that had the best reviews and most efficient programs included with it. I ended up ordering it and saying “I will just use the money back guarantee,” but when I used the product I was in disbelief. I had to use it again and again just to believe the reality of the situation. I actually got what I paid for. I can honestly say this is in no way, shape, or form a scam.”


Before Buying V-tight Gel read my review and comparison with Amaira

Read the information below if you’re still unsure about using this type of product, or want to learn more before purchasing. This information includes details about the ingredients, side-effects, guarantees and where to shop for it for the safest online purchase experience. This will help you if you’re still deciding whether or not it is worth buying this type of product. Our goal is to provide you with factual information to make a sensible decision.

If you’ve had to skip through the article, we have included testimonials from real people on the Amaira serum. I don’t know that you can honestly say the same about v tight gel that it is in no way, shape, or form a scam.

The vagina tightening product is worthwhile for many women , it is just about choosing the right one.

What are the active ingredients?

This vaginal-tightening cream contains only natural ingredients. “Pueraria mirifica” is a plant found in Northern Thailand that is usually dried and powdered when cultivated. It is a rejuvenating herb that has been commonly used for centuries promote youthfulness of skin in traditional Thai medicine. This herb has been extracted and compounded into a thin glycerin-based solution that can be applied to the vagina for a tightening effect. Pueraria Mirifica is certainly the key ingredient in this product that makes it work so well. V-Tight gel won’t be as effective as it is right now without it.

Is this treatment safe?

All ingredients are natural and safe for use in sensitive areas. The active, primary ingredient has been used for centuries in South East Asia. The other ingredients are also herb extracts which are well tested over time. This is what makes better V-Tight gels so effective and attractive to its users. The manufacturers say there is no need to worry about side effects with this all natural product.

After all, safety should be of paramount importance when you are considering putting ANYTHING inside your body. Especially in an area as private as your vagina. If you are afraid of undergoing surgery, you should probably avoid it. It is not only the cost but also the time it will take you to heal. With this Gel, there will be no requirement for a recovery period.

Is there a money back guarantee?

There is a 100% money-back guarantee that is provided upon sale from the official site. This is definitely one feature of the product that we liked a lot, since it gives skeptical buyers a chance to try out the product with virtually nothing to lose. We’re definitely a fan of risk-free trials.

Where do they post?

The website says they express deliver worldwide, there are also some great savings if you buy multiple bottles. You will be able to see a list of countries and cities on the official website to determine if they ship to your location.


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